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C a02



Ovetto is one of those lovers of life, playful and have fun with his friends. But luck is never on your side, bad luck The captain always poor! eventually loses patience and starts to pummel anything that meets with much force, most often meets with his friends to play tricks on others and have a great time. Then he loves to play soccer outdoors and watch tv and eat something tasty as sandwiches, etc. .... it is very exhibitionist who then ends up in a lot of trouble, it affects those who offend and who makes fun of him or a friend and do not put your feet on the head by anyone. Then it is said by many, "Sower of Discord" because it spreads ideas and causes disorder or even immoral, "Mr.Perfect" because he is convinced that he is the strongest of all, however, is a real troublemaker and burying or scattering the seed.


Ovetto is really likeable but many avoid it to avoid trouble with this character is rejected by many and this bothers him until he decides to treat all bad but then you realize that it does not bring good results but complicates things.