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Nicholas Rocca otherwise known as Overt-Kill, is a major antagonist and a killer cyborg featured in the Image comic book series Spawn. He was hired by mob boss Tony Twist to kill Spawn and nearly accomplishes the job, but is later defeated.


Overt-Kill used to be a human known by Nicholas Rocca in Sicily. He was already a thug at the age of 13, running his own racket dealing with local businesses and would even work for the mob as a leg breaker. He later became one and was hired by mob boss Luciano. During a job, he ended up killing a rival mob boss' son and the boss called in the help of oil-rich Arabs to kill Rocca. Rocca however survived the massacre and was rebuilt into a cyborg and goes under the alias Overt-Kill.

Back in New York, local mob boss Tony Twist calls in Overt-Kill to kill a demon like killer named Spawn. During their first battle, Overt-Kill nearly succeeds in killing Spawn, but is later overcome by Spawn and is demolished. He is later rebuilt and hired by Jason Wynn to kill Terry Fitzgerald, who fears that he knows what really happened to his old best friend, Al Simmons. Just as about Overt-Kill is about to kill Terry, Spawn comes just in time to save Terry. Soon, Detective Twitch shoots Overt-Kill's ear and make his circuits go mad.

Other Appearances Edit

Todd McFarlane's Spawn Edit

Overkill appears as a supporting antagonist in the first season of the series.

When some of Tony's hit-men were killed, Overkill was called by a man Vito Gravano to find the person who killed tony's hit-men.

Later on, Overkill came to the alley, so he can a write a message by ripping apart a homeless man. At midnight, a showdown between Spawn and Overkill started, and Overkill lost and eye due to Spawn jamming a lead pipe in it. Spawn tracked him to the repair facility where he was being fixed and dismembered the robot. The pieces were sent back to Gravano for evidence and as a threat to not mess with Spawn again.

Spawn In the Demon's Hand Edit

Overkill appears as a playable character and a boss character in the game.



Trivia Edit

  • Overkill was originally supposed to be called 'Overkill'. However, there was a character called Overkill in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (the former Taserface).
  • In the short-lived Spawn animated cartoon series, Overtkill appears as one of Spawn's earliest foes, but is literally taken apart after a bloody battle, his gory fragments dumped in Tony Twist's car before Spawn confronted the mob boss and intimidated him into swearing loyalty to Spawn.