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Normal Glee

Hello, you three. I'm Overlord Glee, won't you come and bow down to me?
~ Overlord Glee.
Overlord Glee is the main antagonist in the episode "So Totally Spaced Out" of Fairly Oddparents. He is the authoritative king of the Gigglepies.

He was voiced by legendary voice actress Tara Strong.


Althought Glee is a Gigglepies too, he is different form the other member of his species because is colored white with large floppy ears and feet, a small purple nose, and big shiny eyes. He also has a crown antenna on his head and a crown necklace as well as a scepter to show his leadership. Like all Gigglepies, he looks a small, cuddly looking creature with a happy sounding name, but is actually an evil, vicious looking creature. He also talks in rhyme, much like the other Gigglepies. Shockingly, Glee has a cute side as well as a vicious-looking side to him. When he is happy, he looks like a regular, sweet, cream-colored little Gigglepie and has a high-pitched voice, but, when he is mad or feels threatened, he turns into a scarlet-red, scary, fanged rabbit with claws who talks in a rasp and murderous growl.


Overlord glee isnt that cute

Wrathful Glee

When Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda were taken to him, Glee explained why he invaded Yugopotamia. He revealed that they moved from planet to planet, draining each one and enslaving the natives in their goal to produce the Gigglepie merchandise. After Timmy questioned their methods, Glee ordered the other Gigglepies to attack Timmy (after he noted that their plan is horrible and that Glee didn't rhyme his sentences when he said that). He hypnotized Cosmo and Wanda through rhyming, but failed at the moment when Timmy was in trouble and the last word that didn't rhyme. When Cosmo discovered that Gigglepies tasted like manure, the Yugopotamians ate the Gigglepies (including Overlord Glee) since manure was considered a delicacy in Yugopotamia.


Glee's eyes are similar to those of the eyes of the Cartoon Network stars, The Powerpuff Girls. In fact, he is voiced by Tara Strong, the voice of Bubbles in the original show.

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