Even before he became the Overlord, Antonio Seghetti was already a crime boss. Reaching to his career thru many illegal acts, including rape (ironic, as he saved his sister from a rapist as a boy), Seghetti's operations were threatened by the increase of Earth's superhuman population. So what better way to control these freaks than become one of them? Creating an Iron Man-like armor, Seghetti became the Overlord, and oragnized a gang called the Vicious Circle, and plauged Chicago. Their only oppostion was Chicago's local superhero cop, the Dragon, who foiled their plans at every turn. Overlord defeated Dragon in thier first battle by throwing him onto a church spiral, which Dragon survived thanks to his healing power, but in their second battle Overlord wasn't as lucky; Backed by a S.W.A.T. team, and prepared for whatever trick Overlord had, Dragon destoyed Overlord's armor, and shot him in the mouth, killing him instantly.


Overlord's armor granted him superhuman strength and invulernability

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