Outback Ollie, as he is called in the film, is the main antagonist of the animated sequel film, Kangaroo Jack; G' Day USA. He is an impostor who acts as an innocent wildlife park owner full of Australian animals, but is later revealed to be a greedy smuggler out to steal the four ancient sacred gems from an aboriginal tribe in hopes of making money off of them, as well as sucessfully framing the film's protagonists, Charlie, Louis, and Jessie for the smuggling. He is also a fraud for disguising his New York accent with an Australian one. At the end of the film, he reveals his dark side when he takes Jessie hostage in front of the Las Vegas Police Department and FBI, and ends up defeated by the kangaroo, Jackie Leggs, and spends the rest of his life in jail for his crimes.
Outback Ollie

Outback Ollie, the real smuggler