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Ottoperotto is the Beagle Boys' pet dog (a dachshund, in reference to the gang's Italian name, Banda Bassotti). He was created by writer Pier Carpi and designed by Giovan Battista Carpi in the 60s, for the comic book story Zio Paperone e le bande rivali (Uncle Scrooge and the rival gang).

The Beagle Boys frequently take Ottoperotto along on their robberies, to act as a guard dog and to reach spaces too small for the Beagle Boys themselves. However, the plans are often spoiled by Ottoperotto's constant, voracious appetite. Whenever Ottoperotto smells food, he abandons everything else to get to eat it.

Ottoperotto appeared in just a few stories and didn't return until Francesco Artibani and Alessandro Barbucci recovered him in 1999. As a non-antropomorphic dog, his role is limited to steal and eat hot dogs, but sometimes he has been seen fighting with Magica De Spell's raven.

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