Dr. Ort-Meyer is one of Agent 47's genetic fathers and his creator. He is the main antagonist of the game Hitman: Codename 47.


Little is known about Ort-Meyer's early life. He eventually joined the French Foreign Legion, where he met his closest associates: Lee Hong, Pablo Belisario Ochoa, Franz Fuchs and Arkadij 'Boris' Jegorov.

Years later, when they had become established crime lords, Ort-Meyer approached his old comrades and offered to use their DNA as the basis for a superior, genetically-engineered assassin. Ort-Meyer's experiments eventually produced Agent 47.

Once Ort-Meyer had produced a viable assassin clone, he sent him to hunt down his old associates to avoid having to share the fruits of his labour. Once they were all dead, Ort-Meyer sent 47 to his own asylum to ambush and kill him. When 47 went down to the basement to confront him, Ort-Meyer's true motives were revealed: his plan was to create an army of superhuman clones with which to take over the world. However, he observed that 47's will was too independent, so he created one final series of clones: the 48s, which were completely obedient to him, to send after 47.

When 47 outwitted and killed all the 48s, he came face to face with Ort-Meyer. At first, Ort-Meyer appeared to praise 47 for his proficiency, but quickly brandished a tazer to subdue him. In response, 47 gunned him down and snapped his neck.


Ort-Meyer's legacy is felt in Blood Money. The game's main antagonist, Alexander Cayne, expresses a desire to produce a genetically engineered assassin similar to 47 based on Ort-Meyer's research. The Franchise, the criminal group which he leads, produces two assassins of this nature: Mark Purayah, Jr. and Mark Parchezzi III, whose names evoke version numbers (Mk. II, Mk. III). However, 47 bests and kills both of them, leading Cayne to remark that they could not produce an assassin as efficient as 47.