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Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Trailer16

Otto Meyer is one of the antagonists in the movie It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

He first encounters Lenny on the road after Lenny's truck breaks down.  After learning that there is a large sum of money buried under a "big W" in Santa Rosita, Otto strands him by the road.  Lenny swears vengence and pursues Otto all the way to Santa Rosita.

Otto is a smooth talking con man through and through and tricks many people by lying about his identity.  When Lenny confronts him at a gas station, he tells the attendants that he is a doctor and Lenny is an escaped mental patient so that they knock him out and tie him up.  Otto later tricks a man into giving up his car by telling him that he's a secret agent and that he's being followed by spies.

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