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Otoshibumi Yummy
The Otoshibumi Yummy is a leaf-rolling weevil Yummy in Kamen Rider. Created by Uva via a Cell Medal on one of the thieves (portrayed by Touta Isa) who attempted to rob the Kougami Art Museum blind. As his host's desire is money, the White Yummy attacks a bank and begins to eat all of the money it can find. Upon devouring enough, it molts into the monstrous Otoshibumi Yummy which begins to grow very large and demolishes a building, as a result of Ankh wishing to allow it to grow stronger to provide more Cell Medals. Kamen Rider OOO is initially unable to defeat the Yummy until he receives several Cell Medals, a Ride Vendor motorcycle, and the Medajaribur sword from Shintaro Goto representing the Kougami Foundation. By performing a Triple Scanning Charge OOO Bash, Kamen Rider OOO destroys the Otoshibumi Yummy.

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