Otis Cribblecrocker is the hidden main antagonist of the Dragon Hunters episode Unwelcome Guests. He claims to be a wealthy merchant but in truth is an impostor who tries to manipulate Jeanneline.


Cribblecrocker arrives at the Snoring Dragon Inn, bringing with him a heavy chest which he claims contains money. When Gwizdo reveals that he is a dragon hunter, Cribblecrocker is not impressed and merely states that dragon hunting does not yield much money.

To save himself from Jeanneline's affection, Gwizdo manipulates both Cribblecrocker and Jeanneline into falling in love. Eventually, the two decide to marry. However, while overhearing them Gwizdo finds out that Cribblecrocker plans to throw out the Dragon Hunters as they never pay rent. Gwizdo is shocked and immediately tries to drive a spike between the two, however it is too late. To get rid of Cribblecrocker, the Dragon Hunters catch Smacklins and release them into the inn. However, they are not aware that Smacklins transform into everthing whose meat they eat.

When Cribblecrocker finds out about the rodent dragons in the inn, Jeanneline employs the Dragon Hunters to get rid of them to impress Cribblecrocker. However, eventually Cribblecrocker has enough and flees the inn at night, taking with him Jeanneline's jewelry. Jeanneline cannot believe that Cribblecrocker lied to her and opens Cribblecrocker's chest. She is shocked to find that the chest only contains stones. Having successfully driven away Cribblecrocker, the Dragon Hunters catch the Smacklins and throw them off the island. Hoewever, they miss one of the rodents who eventually turns into a Borback after eating Borback stew.