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Hope you like what you see. Hope you like what you see!
~ Otis B. Driftwood

Otis B. Driftwood is one of the main antagonists of the Rob Zombie movies, House of 1000 Corpses and Devil's Rejects. Otis is the most depraved and violent member of the Firefly family.

He is a sadist who makes the freaks for Captain Spaulding's museum.

On two occasions he wore his victims skin as a costume and fights with Spaulding for control of the family. Although Otis is albino in the first film, Rob didn't think it would fit the style and realism of the sequel. Otis is not a biological member of the Firefly family. Gloria "Mama" Firefly adopted him, but not legally.

In the song "Pussy Liquor" the lyrics suggest that Otis' biological father's name is Dane.

He is named after the Groucho Marx character in the film, A Night At The Opera.


Otis is the most violent member of the Firefly Family and probably the most evil, he tortures, rapes, kills, and cuts off his victims skin and wears them as costumes. However despite all this, he does care for Baby, he and her share a strong sibling bond, despite that they occasionally curse at each other. In the first movie it was shown that he is a satanist as by the end of the film, he wears what appears to be satanic makeup on his face and utters a chant.


  • In the first movie Otis was albino and clean-shaven. But in the sequel he was a regular Caucasian and had a mustache and beard; Rob Zombie did this because he felt Otis being albino didn't fit the style of the sequel.
  • Otis is regarded as one of the most vile and evil villains of cinema, along with Frank Booth.
He (along with Freddy Krueger, It (Stephen King), and Michael Myers) are considered the most evil and infamous of horror villains.


The Devil's Rejects - Otis - Devi's Work03:32

The Devil's Rejects - Otis - Devi's Work.

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