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You kidnapped people! You sold all those tickets! That's no plan!
~ Mr. Whistler, showing remorse

Oswald Whistler is the secondary antagonist of the anime movie Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, based on the Professor Layton video game series. He is a composer, who teams up with Jean Descole to to revive his daughter, Melina Whistler, by putting her memories in the brain of somebody else.



When his daughter Melina Whistler was dying from an incurable illness, he was invited to Descoles castle, who helped him build the Detragan, a machine that was able to play music and to transplant someone's mind into other persons. In return, he wrote an opera for Descole, which latter would use for a deadly game for eternal life. They started to kidnapp girls to find a suitable person for Melinas memories.

The Eternal DivaEdit

As he wasn't told about the game, he himself had to participate along with the other guests and made his way to the island of Ambrosia, where the castle was. He was brought back to the castle and tried to use Amelia Ruth, the winner of the game, for his experiment. He was interrupted by the Professor, who told him that he had actually alredy succeeded, by putting Melinas mind into her best friend Janice. However, after Descole almost destroyed the island, she decided to leave her body and Mr. Whistler was arrested.

Basic InformationEdit


As a lone father, he loved his daughter above all else, making it very difficult for him to accept her death. He considered her as his only joy.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Oswald Whistler is a skilled musician and composer, being able to play piano, organ and the Detragan. He is also very charismatic.


I was asked to compose an opera.... that is all.
~ Oswald Whistler
Don't worry. Just leave everything to me. I will play for you, who so loved music.
~ Oswald Whistler to his deceased daughter
Have we come to the end?
~ Oswald Whistler
What? Who took the key? Who took it? Layton, was it you? Give it back! The Detragan can't hold her memories much longer. She'll disdappear forever!
~ Mr. Whistler


  • He can be considered the least evil antagonist of the series, along with Emmy Altava.