Cobblepot was formerly the personal assistant of nightclub owner and crime lord Fish Mooney before he betrayed her. He is barely known as the Penguin, a nickname he hates, until Fish describes him as a bird, specifically, a Penguin.

Cobblepot, tired of being a "lackey" for Fish, then eventually sells her out to two pedestrians for his will of freedom. Fish finds out and Carmine Falcone tasks Det. James "Jim" Gordon to dispose of the traitor to prove Jim is willing to play ball with the Mob. Jim tricks his partner, Harvey Bullock into thinking he has killed Cobblepot by dropping him into an ocean after pretending to shoot him. He, however survives and brutally murders a fisherman for his sandwich, marking the beginning of a murder and crime spree for Cobblepot.

Ambition of a Traitor

Later, he was in the countryside after walking for a while, and he attempts to hitch-hike his way back to Gotham City. He is picked up by two jocks in an SUV, and is grateful for their help. However, they make fun of him and ask him if anyone has ever told him that he walked like a penguin; infuriated, Cobblepot broke a beer bottle and stabbed the man in the passenger seat before taking over the SUV. Hiding the body in a garbage bag, Cobblepot drove to a small trailer park and rented a small trailer for $100. He attempts to call the surviving kid's mother to get $10,000 in exchange for his release, but she does not believe him, and he, in turn, confronts the hostage once she hangs up.


Oswald meets Sal Maroni.

Cobblepot later arrived back in Gotham via bus. While waiting at a street corner he was recognized by a thug, who sought to capture and take him to Fish Mooney. As the man dragged him through a tunnel, Cobblepot disabled and murdered him with a pocket knife, took his money and used it to buy himself a tuna sandwich. He later took a job at a restaurant where he met and befriended Sal Maroni. He later made a surprise visit to Jim.

Jim angrily confronted him on returning to Gotham and putting him, his fiance and Cobblepot at risk. But he reluctantly takes Cobblepot on as an informant when he tells Jim about an upcoming gang war involving Arkham Asylum, and gives him information that helps him thwart an assassination attempt on Mayor Aubrey James. Cobblepot hires a gang of thugs to rob the restaurant so he can save the restaurant's money and endear himself to Maroni. Sure enough, Maroni promotes him to restaurant manager after the original restaurant manager was killed during the robbery. Cobblepot later visits the thugs he hired and kills them with poisoned cannoli. After their deaths, Cobblepot left with the money.

Sal Maroni makes plans to rob a casino owned by Carmine "the Roman" Falcone. Falcone meets with the mob leaders on his side to detail about what to do with Maroni. Maroni later watches the news of the "Viper" drug where he thinks that they might be of good use. Cobblepot tells Sal Maroni that he knows the janitor there that might be of help to them. Maroni claims that "Penguin" is a good name for him. Cobblepot reveals his real name and how he used to work for Fish Mooney until Falcone's men tried to kill him. Sal Maroni then pins Cobblepot's head to the table. Maroni later sends his right-hand man to pick up Jim at the police station where Maroni wants to see him about Cobblepot. Jim Gordon is brought to Maroni at his restaurant where he wants to get confirmation about Cobblepot's story about Falcone to determine who is telling the truth. Maroni hears from Jim about his investigation on Thomas and Martha Wayne, and how he covered up Cobblepot's death to fool Falcone, Fish Mooney, and the Gotham City Police Department. Maroni sees that Cobblepot is right and spares his life while letting Jim go. Maroni states to Jim to keep their meeting private and that he might call on him again. After Jim leaves, Maroni plans to use Cobblepot in their fight against Falcone. Later that night, Cobblepot and Maroni await their men to come back from their heist at the casino. Upon the heist being complete, Maroni has Frankie drive off.

Saving Gordon

When he returns home, Cobblepot's mother continues to suspect he is involved with a woman. Denying this, Cobblepot does mention that he has made friends with Jim Gordon. He then takes a bath and converses with his mother while soaking in a clawfoot bathtub. Meanwhile, having been identified as the perpetrator in Cobblepot's murder, Jim is arrested and brought back to the Gotham City Police Department where he protests his innocence and Harvey Bullock is also apprehended when he comes to his defense. Suddenly, Cobblepot arrives, which shocks everyone.

Cobblepot leads Maroni's men to a warehouse owned by Falcone's underling Nikolai, killing him and his fellow operatives inside. Cobblepot then stabs Frankie Carbone with the help of two Maroni operatives which he brought them over to his side. Cobblepot then meets with Falcone, and a flashback reveals that Cobblepot offered to be Falcone's spy when he was caught informing on Mooney.

Cobblepot attempts to make amends with Fish by offering her a broach as a gift. She accepts the gift, but then stabs him in the arm with it to punish him for snitching on her, claiming that he "hasn't suffered enough." Cobblepot then kidnapped Timothy, the young man who replaced him as Fish's personal assistant. He pressured Timothy into spilling Fish's secrets, although Timothy had very little access to secret information. After finishing the interrogation, he ordered Timothy killed to preserve the peace between the mobs and then limped out of the room. Cobblepot later confronted Fish's spy Liza and threatened to tell Falcone that she was spying on him. He ultimately agreed not to, but left Liza with the knowledge that he knew her secret.

Cobblepot was later brought before Falcone, believing Maroni behind the attack on his money vault. Cobblepot states that Maroni did not commit the armory robbery, as there is a mole working for someone else, possibly for Fish. When he sees Liza enter the room, he immediately has his answer but remains silent as Falcone assigns him to find the mole. Oswald later tells his driver that he is not ready to rat out Liza yet, labeling her a "time bomb."

In his time in Maroni's ranks, he's given power enough to extort the fishermen on the mob boss's turf but is arrested by the GCPD after trying to squeeze more protection money out of them. He is eventually bailed out by Maroni, who makes it clear that he initiated the arrest himself to remind Oswald of his reach and teach him a lesson about hubris.

Attack on GCPD

While dinning at a restaurant with Maroni and several other gangsters, Falcone called him and ordered him to go see him. But before he could so, Jack Buchinsky caused an electric shock that forced Maroni and the other gangsters (including Oswald) to go to the GCPD for protection. The Electrocutioner then orchestrated another electric shock, this time much more powerful. Before Buchinsky could kill Maroni and his gangsters, Gordon stopped him and Aaron Danzig.

Getting rid of Fish

After the Electrocutioner problem was solved, The Penguin went to Falcone's place, where Carmine reveals that Fish "captured" Liza and in turn for her return to Falcone, Falcone must leave Gotham. Oswald changes the plan when he reveals that Liza is a mole, Falcone sends Victor Zsasz and some henchwomen to get rid of Fish's thugs, Falcone then captures Fish and Butch Gilzean.

Owning the Nightclub

Oswald then became a high-ranking member of Falcone's gang and changed the nightclub's name to Oswald'sand pink neon fish was replaced by a blue neon umbrella. Oswald however, was faced by Fish and Butch who escaped Falcone's torturer, Bob. Before they could do something ugly, Zsasz arrived and captured Butch but Fish escaped.

Helping Gordon

Oswald also helped Gordon when Gordon wanted Arnold Flass arrested for murder, he had Gabriel interrogate Derek Delaware for information. Gabe then gave the info to Gordon.

The Reveal

Fish revealed to Maroni that Oswald was a spy for Falcone, because of that Maroni had Oswald and him taken to a trip in a shack owned by Maroni in the woods. Oswald attempted to kill Maroni, only to find that the gun had no bullets. Oswald was nearly killed by Maroni when the latter ordered Duffy to destroy a car with Oswald in. Duffy was bribed to release Oswald.

Planning Maroni's assassination

After being freed from Maroni, The Penguin plotted the assassination of the Italian Crime Lord in a bar named Lidia's. Oswald then convinced Lidia to hand over the bar to him while she still tending to the bar. Oswald hired the hired killer Connor to kill Maroni, he had Butch hide some guns at the bar, after Butch was brainwashed by Zsasz.

Sparking the War

When Maroni, his hitman Tommy Bones and some other gangsters were eating at Lidia's, Connor arrived and attempted to shoot Maroni, but found out that his gun had no bullets. Maroni's men then killed Connor. Oswald revealed that it was intentional as he wanted Maroni and Falcone to kill each other so he could take over. It worked, a bloody war began.

Taking Over

Cobblepot then attempted to murder Falcone at the hospital, but Falcone was saved by Gordon, who in turn saved both Cobblepot and Falcone's lives by killing Maroni's hit men. Gordon, Bullock, Falcone, Gilzean and Oswald then went to an old warehouse owned by Carmine, Falcone claimed that everyone who knew about the warehouse were dead. He was wrong, Fish knew about it and she was surely alive. She had arrived in Gotham just as the war reached its ending point. Fish overwhelmed them and tied them. She then called Maroni to make a deal. After Maroni offended Fish, she shot Maroni in the forehead, killing him instantly. A shootout ensued and Fish eventually won.

Penguin and Fish's final stand.

The Penguin was however freed by Butch during the skirmish. When Fish was talking to the captives, Oswald arrived with a war machine gun and massacred all of Fish's thugs, finishing the last thug with a pistol. Penguin eventually found Fish in the rooftop, and fought her. While they were fighting, Gilzean shot both in the legs, The Penguin then knocked Butch out and punched Fish, eventually pushing her in the sea, killing his nemesis once and for all. He then shouted "I'm the king of Gotham!"

The King of Gotham

Cobblepot has now embraced his role as the king of Gotham and with the help of Butch Gilzean and Victor Zsasz, his influence has grown. After being fired by Commissioner Loeb, Jim Gordon meets with Oswald, believing that he owes him a favor for saving his life in the hospital. However, Cobblepot replies that his life was only in danger because Jim arrested him previously. However, as he thinks of Jim as a friend he is willing to trade a favor for a favor. He offers to resolve the matter with Loeb if Jim visits a client who owes him money but is not willing to pay. When Jim returns with the money (having shot the client as Cobblepot expected), Cobblepot fulfills his part of the deal. At night, Cobblepot and Zsasz visit Commissioner Loeb at his house after killing his bodyguard. Cobblepot then forces Loeb to reinstate Gordon. To prevent Loeb from making problems in the future, they also force him to resign as Commissioner.


Penguin speaks to his underbosses

After Jerome and the Maniax attack the GCPD, the policemen start to hunt down Jerome. As they have no clue where to find him, Bullock tells Gordon that at some point they have to visit Penguin. Gordon replies that Cobblepot has no motive for breaking out the Maniax or shooting up the precinct but Harvey says that Cobblepot might have information. Gordon says that he will consider it should all else fail.

After the murder of Cicero and Jerome's escape, Gordon tells Harvey that he was right about Cobblepot's knowledge and that they will see him first thing in the morning.

When Bullock meet him, he is watching footage of Jerome's actions. He and Harvey shortly chat about Penguin's rise to power before Bullock threatens to beat him senseless. He warns him to stay away from Gordon. When he leaves, Harvey tells him that he can call himself however he likes, because for Bullock he will always stay the one who held Fish Mooney's umbrella. He also tells him that he owes him for Fish before leaving. After Bullock is gone, Penguin rages and throws his wine glass to the wall.

Meeting Theo Galavan

During a meeting with his council, Cobblepot reveals that he is disappointed with his men because they think that they can make him believe that none of them has any idea who is behind the Arkham breakout. One of the councilors then reveals that they thought that Cobblepot was behind it. Cobblepot then answers that he had no reason to. He then tells his men that he will have no more chaos in the streets because of all the chaos Jerome created. He tells that whenever they plan to blackmail, kill or harm anyone they have to tell him first. After dismissing his council he is visited by Tabitha Galavan, who tells him that her brother wants to meet with him.

When he meets with Theo, Penguin inquires about his head, telling Theo that he is lucky to have gotten out of the hospital alive before asking if it really was luck that saved Theo. Theo acknowledges Penguin's sharp mind before he introduces him to Barbara, revealing himself as the mastermind behind the Arkham Breakout. Tabitha then provokes Penguin by telling him that he is the King of Garbage rather than the King of Gotham. Penguin angrily replies that only a year ago he held Fish Mooney's umbrella and that she is now dead by his hand along with Maroni with Falcone hiding. He tells Tabitha that every one of them underestimated him and threatens her not to make the same mistake.


Penguin with Galavan's futuristic plans

Theo then intervenes and tells Penguin that while his sister is blunt, she is also honest. He then shows Penguin his plans for the city, giant futuristic skyscrapers. When Penguin states that thousands of homes have to be destroyed to allow the building of the skyscrapers to which Tabitha replies: "Yeah, so?", which deeply annoys Penguin. Theo tells Penguin that as the city's hero he can not destroy so many homes but remarks that Penguin has the flair for such a task. He then calls Penguin his "destroyer". Penguin then denies Galavan's offer, calling himself a "builder" rather than a destroyer and remarks that Galavan would need the support of hundreds of city officials. Theo then reveals that as mayor he would have the power to do so, stating that he will be candidate soon by "popular demand". As some of the other candidates have a chance to defeat him, he has Tabitha give Penguin a list of people he needs to see dead as well as a failed attempt on Theo. When Penguin tells him to search the phone book under " A" for "Assassin" and prepares to leave, Tabitha turns on the TV. To his horror, Penguin sees that Galavan has kidnapped his mother.

With no choice left, Penguin takes the envelope with the targets. After setting up a failed attempt for Theo, he then visits Janice Caulfield and murders her, despite her pleads for mercy. However, the assistant of Caulfield witnesses the murder and is able to give a description to Gordon, who recognizes the Penguin.

While waiting for Zsasz in the car outside the house of Hobbs, the next target, Butch asks Penguin why they are doing that. Penguin reveals to him that they have his mother. Butch is shocked and tells Penguin that they have to find her. Penguin appreciates it but tells him that if Galavan would find out that they are looking for her, he would kill her. Butch then pats Penguin on the back, telling him not to worry and that he will find Penguins mother.

After Zasz failed to kill Hobbs, Gordon confronts Penguin. Penguin tells Gordon to walk away. Gordon tells him that the GCPD has a new captain who will not deal with Cobblepot. Oswald is not impressed, stating that Gordon came alone because he would not want his new captain to find out about the deals he made with Penguin in the past, including gunning down Ogden Barker and running Loeb out of town. Gordon says that he will face whatever is coming to him, to which Penguin replies that he will too.

The next day, Nathaniel Barnes gives Gordon's task force the order to take down the Penguin.

Searching for Galavan's weakness

After Penguin killed Janice Caulfield and failed to kill Hobbs, he returns to Galavan and asks for his mother's release, stating that he would still do Galavan's bidding. Theo denies and tells him to leave. Penguin is now determined to take down Galavan and get revenge on him. Butch advises him to kidnap Tabitha and trade her for Cobblepots mother but Penguin doubts that Theo loves Tabitha as much as Penguin loves his mother. Theo later sends Tabitha to Cobblepot to give him a list of multiple buildings owned by Wayne Enterprises which Theo wants burned down. Theo also wants Cobblepot to steal an old knife out of a safe in one of the building. He arranges for Cobblepot to receive Bunderslaws eye which is needed to open the safe. Penguin is able to get the knife and burn down the buildings. However, as he plans to find out what drives Theo in order to destroy him Penguin meets Edwige, an old associate of Butch to find out the history of the knife. Edwige tells him that the knife is the Wayne Family Crest which was used 200 years ago by an ancestor of Bruce Wayne to cut of the hand of Caleb Dumas after the latter was accused of raping Celestine Wayne. The angered Waynes forced Dumas and his entire family into exile where the Dumas changed their name to Galavan. Penguin learns that Theo is a descendant of the Dumas and wants revenge on the Waynes. Penguin is glad because this means Theo is driven by emotion and thereby vulnerable. He then plans for Butch to seemingly change sides, claiming that Cobblepot is too mad to serve, and get into Galavan's business, but in reality plans for Butch to search for Oswald's mother. To not give Theo the opportunity to doubt Butch's story, Penguin cuts off one of his hands.

A secret traitor

Theo at first believes Butch's story and gives him a place at the Galavans, but Theo eventually finds out he's still working for Cobblepot when he finds him still searching for his mother, Butch explains he literally has to serve him since he's brainwashed so Theo sends Tabitha to come "fix" him. Butch comes to Penguin claiming that he knows where his mother is, so Penguin goes along with Butch and two other henchmen.


Penguin comforts his dying mother

Penguin arrives and finds his mother locked up like Butch said, but both Tabitha and Theo are waiting for him. Penguin orders Butch to shoot both Galavans in the head, but Butch instead shoots two of Penguin's henchmen, revealing that Tabitha was able to "Un-Brainwash" him. Penguin begs for the Galavans to spare his mother agreeing to do anything they want, Tabitha unlocks the cage and Penguin and his mother happily embrace, only for this to end with Tabitha stabbing her in the back, killing her. Theo orders Butch to care of Penguin, but Penguin wants Theo to do it himself calling him a coward. Theo obliges and points the gun to Penguin's head and asks if he has any final words before dying which he answers " I'm going to kill you" taking the knife from his mother's back and slashes Theo's throat and jumps through a window to avoid capture.


With his mother dead, Penguin decides to go after Theo Galavan. Penguin sends in his men to go after Galavan when he's announced mayor and dresses his men up in outfits and hairstyles similar to his to cause confusion and has them cause a shootout forcing Theo outside, with the real Penguin waiting for him. Before Galavan can get inside the getaway car Penguin shoots the driver and is at a standoff with Jim for the current mayor. Penguin tells Jim what Galavan had done to his mother, but tells him he knows, much to Galavan's surprise. Bullock joins Jim and holds Penguin at gunpoint, but before they could react, Tabitha shoots Penguin in the shoulder while on a rooftop, Fortunately for him, Penguin survives and manages to drive the getaway car to safety. Galavan scolds Jim for not stopping Penguin, one of the monsters in Gotham, but Jim replies to the current mayor that he does plan on stopping the monsters of Gotham, starting with him, now aware of his true colors.


Penguin needs help

Although Penguin is able to get away he is still suffering from Tabitha's bullet. Penguin goes far from Gotham into the woods and finds refuge in a trailer. Penguin, who is delirious searches for food and snatches Edward Nygma's sandwich. Nygma eventually tracks down Penguin's trailer and when he approaches it Penguin flings the door open causing Nygma to fall to the ground. Nygma soon recognizes Penguin and he asks for help before collapsing.

Teaming up with Edward Nygma

Edward brings Penguin to his home and nurses him back to health. When Penguin wakes up, he at first thinks that Nygma wants to kill him, but Edward assures that he has no ill will towards him. He tells Penguin that he has recently started murdering people, three in total. He asks Penguin, whom he sees as one of the best killers in town to guide the him on his noble path. However Penguin does not plan to stay because he sees his empire in ruins. While walking towards the door, Penguin faints.

When Penguin wakes up again, he sees that Edward has kidnapped a man. Nygma tells him that this man, named Mr. Leonard, worked for Theo Galavan before the latter was sent to prison. He tells Penguin that he kidnapped him as a gift for Penguin, as a kind of revenge. However, Penguin tells Nygma that he's "done" and will leave Gotham after a nap. After Penguin has gone to bed, Edward addresses Leonard, telling him that he really expected Penguin to like him. He then drags the tied up Leonard out of the room while humming.

Later, when Penguin awakens once again Nygma plays the piano and sings a song which he thinks has meaning for Penguin as he was humming it under his sheets. Penguin admits that his mother sang this song for him when he was small. Nygma then shows him the glasses of Kristen Kringle and says that these are the only things he has left of her. Penguin once again plans to leave but is stopped by Nygma who coldly tells him that his mother died because of his weakness because he did not realize his weakness was her. Penguin grabs a knife and puts it at Nygma's throat, tearfully exclaiming that his mother was a saint and everything he had. Nygma replies that a man who has nothing to lose can not be betrayed and will answer to no one but himself. He says that this man, a free man, is whom he sees before him. Penguin then sobbingly hands him the knife.

Later, while having dinner, Penguin asks Edward where he kept the lackey of Galavan he kidnapped. Edward smiles and pulls Leonard out of the cupboard.

Still at Nygma's apartment, Penguin's body guard Gabe arrives and tells him that Galavan has been let go after being prosecuted for holding former mayor Aubrey James prisoner, greatly enraging him. Gabe's men have Intel that Gordon is about to be killed by Galavan's henchmen. Thankfully for Jim , Gabe and Penguin manage to save Jim and shoots Galavan's henchmen. Penguin approaches his former friend and demands to know where the man who killed his mother is, but because he is still weak from Galavan almost beating him to death, he can't answer angering Penguin more.

Fight against Theo Galavan

Penguin brings Gordon back to Edward's apartment. When he awakens, Oswald tells him that he is now a fugitive as it is believed Gordon killed the two cops. Penguin makes a truce with him as they share a common goal in defeating Theo and bringing him to justice once and for all.
Oswald beats up Galavan

Oswald beats up Theo Galavan.

As Penguin, Gordon and Penguin's men get prepared and loaded at Edward's apartment to take down Theo and the Order of St. Dumas, Gordon's girlfriend Leslie arrives and begs Gordon to leave Gotham with her and reveals she is pregnant. Although Gordon plans to leave, Alfred Pennyworth, Harvey Bullock and Lucius Fox arrive to reveal to Gordon that Bruce Wayne has been kidnapped by Galavan. Gordon decides to stay behind and they all decide to team up with Penguin to help him out. With Selina Kyle joining them they head to Theo's penthouse.

They manage to stop the murder of Bruce Wayne, and when Captain Barnes arrives to arrest Theo and Gordon, Penguin knocks him out and begs Gordon to let him kill Theo, pointing out that even if Theo stands trial he will walk away once again as he will have most of the courts in his pocket. Penguin and Gordon then take Theo to the docks, where Penguin beats a handcuffed Theo multiple times with a bat to avenge his mother. A broken and beaten Theo begs Gordon to kill him, which Gordon does carry out. As Gordon walks away, a pleased Penguin takes his umbrella and lodges it down the dead Theo's throat.

Pursued by Victor Fries

The murder of Theo caused the entire G.C.P.D. to go after Penguin. He and his gang arrived at a slaughterhouse, which Penguin thought would be perfect as a fortress for the "King of Gotham". However one of his underlings points out that they wouldn't need a fortress if he didn't kill Theo, but Penguin argued that Theo's power died with him and that the cops would remember they now work for him. Pulling a gun, the woman argued that he wasn't the King of Gotham, and the only good he does is getting people killed and that she won't let him take the rest down with them.

Penguin runs from Victor Fries

Penguin finds himself being hunted by the mysterious Victor Fries.

During the standoff, there is a knock at the door, which is later frozen and blown off and Victor Fries walks in. Penguin actors Fries if he is looking for a job, however Fries replies that he is doing one. He begins freezing Penguin's gang. Selina runs into Penguin and the pair of them smash through a window and escape outside, however she runs off and leaves him behind. However as he is being chased down by Fries, Selina pulls up in a car (with one of Penguin's almost frozen men inside) and he jumps in. Fries fires his freeze gun at the car, but Penguin, Selina and his mook manage to get away.

Penguin contacts Gordon and Bullock to come and meet him and requests for Gordon's assistance. However Gordon tells him that he is unable to call off the police as Captain Barnes has sent the entire police department after him. Penguin demands to know if it was Barnes who sent the "freak" (Victor Fries) after him, and Gordon asks him who was coming after him. Penguin says he will tell Gordon as long as he agrees they are in it together, but Gordon, having been done giving him "favors" arrests him and says he will be going away for a long time, much to Penguin's dismay. However this was just a ruse, and Gordon and Bullock take him outside the city, with Gordon telling Penguin this is his last chance and not to return to Gotham. The two drive off leaving Penguin behind, who makes his way back to the city.

Empire in Ruins

After the murder of Galavan many of Penguin's forces have left him and Butch Gilzean is now the new King of Gotham, leaving Penguin on the streets. The charges against Jim Gordon as a fugitive has been dropped, when he reveals about how Galavan was going to sacrifice Bruce Wayne, but lies about his involvement in his murder saying that Penguin took off and probably killed him. Captain Barnes eventually arrests Penguin and puts him in interrogation. Barnes who is skeptical about Gordon's testimony asks Penguin about his involvement in whether he helped Penguin, but Penguin denies Gordon was part of it. While in a holding cell, Edward talks to Oswald and asks if there was anything he could do to help. Oswald replies that he was beyond help, but asks Nygma as a friend to take care of his mother's gravestone and to visit occasionally with lilies.


Penguin at Arkham

After claiming to be insane, Penguin is sent to Arkham Asylum. When entering the lunch hall he has food thrown at his face, which angers him and he tells the inmates that he is the King of Gotham. However this statement only causes the crazies in the facility to erupt into laughter and chaos, with all of them proclaiming themselves as the "King of Gotham" and cause disruption in the lunch room.

Penguin went to see chief psychiatrist Professor Hugo Strange for a session. After finishing Penguin returned to his cell, but on the way there noticed a patient whom he saw leaving Strange's office before hand, but this time with his eyes gouged out, due to advice that Strange told him - "See no evil, do no evil". Before Penguin can react he's forced by the guards into a room. Hugo Strange's assistant, Ms Peabody tells him that they are going to use a neural headset using the fear formula Gerald Crane made to rehabilitate him, hoping that if they can cure a patient like Penguin, they can cure anyone.

When Jim arrives at Arkham to prepare for Mr. Freeze's rampage, Penguin sees him. Penguin calls to Jim for help, warning him that Strange is using a form of mental torture on him, but Jim doesn't believe him, saying that it's a part of his therapy, not knowing that Strange is doing awful things to inmates.


Oswald is released from Arkham

As the "treatment" continues, Oswald is getting more and more docile. Hugo plans to initiate the "ice cream experiment" where he is the only one with ice cream on his food tray. Impulsive inmate Aaron Helzinger sits in front of Oswald and sees that he has cake. Oswald is willing to give Aaron some, but he violently grabs Oswald and beats him, but still remains docile. Hugo decides to put Oswald to one final test to prove he's cure or if he'll return to his murderous ways. Strange arranges for Oswald to be put back in the treatment room, but he sees he's not the only one there. Oswald finds Aaron strapped to the treatment chair, blindfolded and a table with a knife and water. Oswald picks up the knife first with Hugo and Ms. Peabody watching, but let him proceed. Oswald removes the blindfold from Aaron and instead of killing him for revenge, he uses the knife to cut his straps, passing Hugo's test.


Oswald is now declared as legally sane. Oswald is overjoyed that he now no longer has to take the mind treatment and is released into Gotham as a free man.

Having been released, Penguin at first walks right into the place of Butch Gilzean, who has taken over Cobblepot's role as King of Gotham. Butch and his new partner, Tabitha Galavan, are astonished when they see their visitor. Oswald is immediately taken by Butch's men and Tabitha jumps up to kill him but Butch stops her. Penguin claims that Arkham changed him and that he thought it would be impolite to be in the area and not pass by to say hello to an old friend. Tabitha and Butch are awed, considering that Penguin brainwashed Butch, cut off his hand and murdered Theo. However, they find out that Penguin genuinely means it and is not even provoked after Tabitha insults his mother. Butch then orders his men to release Penguin, claiming that they were even because they all lost something important to them. Tabitha claims that she won't allow Penguin to leave without some punishment so Butch allows her to tar and feather him. Penguin sees this as a joke and leaves Butch's place in high spirits.

In his feathered state, Penguin visits his old friend Nygma. Although Nygma is at first overjoyed to see his friend released, he is soon spooked by Oswald's new condition. He uses the first opportunity to send Oswald away, not after thanking him for all the information Oswald gave him on Jim Gordon.

A new Family

While at the cemetery to visit his mothers' grave, Oswald is approached by a stranger. After a brief conversation about Gertrude, whom the stranger seemed to know well, the man asks for Oswald's age. When Oswald tells him, the man realizes that he is Oswald's father Elijah Van Dahl. In his youth, the Van Dahl had an affair with Gertrude, who was a cook at the Van Dahl mansion. As his parents didn't want their son and heir to marry a simple cook, they send Gertrude away who never revealed to Van Dahl that she was pregnant. Overjoyed to meet his son, Van Dahl invites Oswald to his mansion where he introduces him to the rest of his family. Although they smile and embrace Cobblepot, they do not seem too happy to meet another family member who could be a possible competitor for the vast Van Dahl fortune.


Oswald's new family

Oswald and his family are having a pleasant dinner together. Elijah tells Oswald about how he and his wife, Grave met each-other and let her and her children, Sasha and Charles be a part of his family, but Elijah points out that Oswald is his only true blood relative, visibly displeasing Grace, Sasha and Charles, but they all still make a toast to family. Elijah discusses how every van Dahl son became an apprentice as well as himself, but says it wasn't meant because after his father fell sick, his mother home-schooled him from then on as to keep him from temptations of the city. Elijah asks Oswald how his and Gertrude's life was, apologizing for not being there in both of there lives because of his cowardice . Oswald answers that while, Gertrude didn't have a happy life, it was still a good one, even when Oswald wasn't always a "good son" Gertrude never said a word of reproach.

While he is asleep, Oswald dreams of all the terrible things he's done to those around him and wakes up in terror, he gets up from bed to find Elijah sleep walking. Oswald brings his Father back to bed. Elijah tells his son about how he has a hole in his heart that keeps getting bigger and that his demons are feeding from it, Oswald confesses about his life as a criminal and how he's killed people before, but Elijah says that their lives together started when they met in the cemetery and forgives him of his sins from the past. Grace and her children, who are trying to kill Elijah to get his fortune try to persuade him to cut Oswald out of the will by trying to use his infamous history as "The Penguin" against him, but because Oswald already confessed to his past and is convinced that Oswald is no longer that man anymore and actually praised in how successful he was. Grace comes up with a new plan to manipulate Oswald by using Sasha to seduce him. When Sasha tries to seduce Oswald, he does not give in to temptation since he was practically her brother.

Elijah is tailoring a new suit for Oswald, but suddenly Elijah has a heart attack, but Oswald and his step family call an ambulance. The doctor says that Elijah's condition has gotten worse and the hole is now bigger leading to an infection. The doctors tells the family, Elijah may not have enough time left and that they should think of getting affairs in order. Elijah asks Grace to bring his lawyer so they can discuss some new changes in his will so Oswald will inherit his father's fortune. Not wanting to lose their meal ticket, Grace decides to poison Oswald as one final plan.

When Oswald and Elijah are together Grace brings Oswald some wine with poison inside it to kill him, before he can drink it Elijah has a confession of his own to make. Elijah revealed that his father and many of his ancestors suffered from mental illnesses and that Elijah's father's illness pushed him to committing suicide and that his Mother told him not to speak of this to anyone. Elijah pleads with his son not to give in to the pain, telling him that he's loved and that the son will come up tomorrow. Despite his condition keeping him from drinking alcohol, he still pours himself a drink. Elijah tells Oswald that he would give the latter everything he had and asks him to keep it just the way it is, but Elijah eventually succumbs to the poison that was meant for Oswald. Oswald cradles his father as he dies in his arms, just like his Mother.

The Penguin Returns

After Elijah's funeral, Grace says that Oswald is no longer welcome in their household since Elijah is no longer with him. Oswald begs for the Van Dahls to let him stay promising to do anything. Grace allows Oswald to stay with them as their servant, acknowledging that if he gets a good lawyer, Oswald can rob her of everything, especially when he investigates about how Elijah died. With Oswald being the new servant, the Van Dahls pick on him, insulting the former in anyway they could think of. When Oswald is preparing Grace a drink, he spots the glass that Elijah drunk before he died. Oswald sniffs the remaining liquid in the glass and smells something atrocious. Oswald pours the remaining liquid in the dog's bowl to see that it wasn't Elijah's condition that caused his death, but the glass of poison his step family had poured. Feeling betrayed, Oswald again loses his sanity and plots revenge on his step-siblings and Mother for what they did to his Father.

Dont go

Penguin about to kill Grace

Oswald returns to his "Penguin" persona and serves Grace a roast for dinner. Grace quickly despises Penguin's meal, claiming it was overcooked. Penguin asks Grace to try the other joint saying it would be more tender, but Grace says it tasted the same. Grace wonders where Charles and Sasha were, telling Penguin to ring the bell, but Oswald doubts they would be able to hear it. Grace calls out to her children, but no answer. Grace asks Penguin where were they. Oswald answers back saying that he discovered that Grace was responsible for his Father's death and remarks how careless she was in throwing the evidence away. Grace tries to run away, but Penguin threatens her with a knife. Grace calls to her children once more, but Penguin says that they wouldn't be able to come to her rescue. Grace asks Penguin what he had done to them and reveals that not only did he kill them, but were the served meals he prepared for Grace. Penguin stabs Grace, avenging his Father's murder.

Although he has obtained his revenge on the Van Dahl family, Penguin's mental state has become even more deteriorated and keeps Grace's corpse as his company. Penguin turns on the TV with "Grace" and sees a vigilante going by the name of Azrael. Later that day Azrael's mask is torn off revealing that the masked vigilante is Theo who has risen from the grave. Penguin is surprised by this and laughs saying "Hello, old friend", implying that he will go after Theo again.

Penguin hears how Theo has stabbed Tabitha in the chest and is now unconscious in a hospital and decides to pay her a visit. Penguin finds Butch by her side grieving for her. Butch spots Penguin and despite them parting on good terms, Butch sees that his former master's intentions are far from good. Butch warns Penguin not to lay a hand on her, but Penguin admits that although Tabitha stabbed his Mother in the back, he doesn't have plans to kill her because he sees Theo as the real issue. Penguin convinces Butch to help him make Theo pay since they've all suffered because of him. Butch agrees, but makes Penguin promise to leave both him and Tabitha alone. Penguin and Butch find Theo at Wayne Manor where he's trying to achieve his original goal to kill Bruce Wayne. Gordon defends Bruce by shooting Galavan, but his armor is able to shield him from harm. Penguin approaches Jim and tells the latter that bullets won't be able to kill monsters such as Galavan and that for next time, bring the right "tools" for the job if he plans to deal with foes that come back. Butch pulls out an RPG Launcher over his shoulders and fires a rocket at Galavan, killing him instantly, ending him possibly for good. With his nemesis killed once again, Penguin and Butch depart into the night.

Revenge on Strange

Back at the mansion, Penguin befriends Barbara and they decide where to put Grace's decomposing head as a decoration. Penguin decides to seek revenge on Strange for torturing him back at Arkham Asylum and sends Barbara to the GCPD to find out where Strange is from Jim Gordon. After a brief talk, Barbara realizes that the man she's talking to wasn't Jim and slaps him, revealing that he was indeed an impostor. Barbara calls Penguin and tells him what he found out. Penguin thanks Barbara for her assistance and goes off on a manhunt for Strange with the help of Butch. Penguin and Butch see a bus leaving from Arkham Asylum and gun it down. Penguin calls out to Strange, wanting to settle the score between them, only to realize it was never Strange in the bus and sees Fish Mooney. Penguin is surprised and terrified that Fish was still alive, remarking it impossible, but Fish touches his cheek remarking that nothing is impossible, rendering him unconscious. Butch also catches a glimpse of Fish, but is also terrified and runs away. When Strange's experiments are released from the bus, Penguin is still unconscious but seemingly unscathed.

Hunt for Fish

For months, I warned the police about the threats to our city, posed by Hugo Strange's freaks, by the murderer Fish Mooney, and how did they protect you? They said that Fish Mooney wasn't real, that these escapees were victims who need our help. Well, Fish Mooney was real, and once she was cornered by the GCPD, finally, they let her escape. And these "victims"-- well, I, for one, am not afraid to call them by their proper name: MONSTERS! Our city is invaded by monsters, attacking our brothers and sisters, and it is up to us! To you! To kill every monster you see! WHO IS WITH ME?!
~ Penguin encouraged Gotham citizens to hunt down Indian Hill escapees

Oswald warns Gotham of Fish Mooney

Six months later, Fish is still at large and Oswald and Butch enter the GCPD where Mayor James and Commisioner Barnes are holding a press conference. Oswald gets the attention of the reporters when he calls James, who is claiming the situation is under control, a liar. He tells reporter Valerie Vale, that in the last six months, he more than once tried to warn the police about the person leading the escaped Indian Hill experiments - Fish Mooney - but that he was ignored. He urges the citizens of Gotham to hunt down Mooney, as no one is safe while she is free. While leaving the precinct, he also meets James Gordon who is now a bounty hunter hunting the experiments. Oswald stops to talk to Jim, revealing his surprise that Jim has not already tracked down Mooney. Gordon tells Oswald that he has not made it worth his while and leaves. Butch jokes about Gordon playing the hard man, but Oswald says that Jim had a point.


Penguin and Butch arrive at the nightclub

Oswald and Butch then visit the night club of Tabitha Galavan and Barbara Gordon, where they are greeted by Barbara. Oswald attempts to convince Barbara to sell their nightclub to him but negotiations are stopped when Tabitha arrives and Butch, with whom Tabitha broke up, makes an utter fool of himself. Oswald sends Butch to the bar and silently tells Tabitha that he offered Butch to kill Tabitha in order to raise his spirits and that he still would gladly do so, given that Tabitha killed his mother. However, he does not as Butch is still hoping that the two would somehow get back together. Oswald then tells Barbara and Tabitha to raise word that Oswald offers one million dollars to whomever brings him Mooney, dead or alive.

Oswald also visits his old friend Edward Nygma in prison. He gifts him with a puzzle box. While Oswald talks about how hard it is to open the box, Edward swiftly opens it. Edward however just wants to know, why Oswald is being so kind to him. Oswald tells him that he enjoyed talking to Edward in the past months. Oswald also tells Edward that he is wondering why Fish did not kill him in the night of her escape, as he was powerless. Edward tells him no to worry and reminds him that penguins eat fish.


Penguin kills the mobster

Later, Penguin is called back to the nightclub where Tabitha and Barbara were attacked by three gangsters. These gangsters had only held back because they though Penguin was protecting Tabitha and Barbara, as the deal did not come to pass they thought the protection was over. Penguin is shown the only surviving mobster. Penguin brokers a deal between the women and the mobster, as the club is indeed on his territory. It is revealed that Butch hired the mobster in the hopes that Tabitha would come back to him for protection. A deeply annoyed Penguin shoots the mobster with Butch's gun and tells the two women to keep their club. However, before leaving he makes it clear that Tabitha is only alive because of Butch and the moment Butch gives the word, Tabitha will be killed.

The next day, Penguin gives another speech to the press, where he also rallies a group of citizen against Fish and her monsters. He tells the people that it is the people's duty to kill every of Fish's monsters as the police has failed to do so. The masses applaud Penguin.


Gordon calls Oswald, telling him where to find Fish

When the media broadcasts that FIsh, who is attempting to kidnap Strange, has been cornered by the police at the location Strange is held, Penguin watches this broadcast and rejoices, as Fish is finally standing with her back to the wall. Butch asks him what he plans to do, as the GCPD will not storm the building because Fish has hostages. Oswald reminds him that the GCPD is not Gotham and that the city is standing behind him. Indeed, he rallies an angry mob of citizens and advances onto the mansion. There, GCPD commisioner Barnes angrily demands to know what Cobblepot thinks he is doing and Cobblepot clains that the police has proven that they are unable to deal fish Fish. Penguin once more rallies his supporters who try to force their way through the police blockade. Minutes later, Oswald is called by Gordon, who right now is inside the mansion. Gordon tells Oswald that Fish will be outside the back of the mansion soon and that Oswald can have her all for herself. However, Gordon needs a distraction and asks Oswald to rally his crowd. Indeed, Oswald sends the mob against the police. While the policemen fight Penguin's mob, Penguin heads to the back.


Oswald is shocked by Fish's confession

There, he awaits Fish who tries to flee with Strange and her henchman Marv. Oswald allows Marv to leave, leaving only Fish and Strange. Fish asks whether this is the thanks for her sparing his life under the bridge, shooting her in the woods like an animal. Oswald admits that this is pretty much the case but also admits that the night Fish resurfaced left an impression on him. He asks Fish why she spared his life when she would've gotten the chance to kill him instead. Fish tells him that she spared him because he belongs to her. She also tells him that she was the one who made him, that Oswald started as her umbrella boy and made his way up to the top of Gotham. Fish reveals that she considers the finest thing she ever did turning Oswald Cobblepot into the Penguin, and that she could not destroy that. Penguin is visibly touched and, with tears in his eyes, lets Fish escape, telling her never to come back. Penguin then returns to his mob and is celebrated, as the mob managed to kill two of Fish's monsters.

Cobblepot's Candidacy

During a council meeting, Aubrey James tries to re-elect himself as mayor until new elections, but Oswald and his group of angry citizens come forward and call the preceding a sham. Cobblepot points out how during James' leadership, James allowed for there to be a corrupt system in Gotham and openly accuses James of having the nerve to appoint himself into office. Oswald announces for his candidacy for mayor and that there should be an election immediately, earning an outstanding ovation from the citizens. Back at the mansion, Butch tries to talk Oswald out of his campaign, but Oswald believes that Gotham citizens are with him as they're scared and angry and people like Aubrey James wouldn't suffice. Penguin is determined to make a legacy his father would be proud of. Oswald is called by James to meet at a restaurant. Oswald sees James as old news and sees himself as a man of action. James isn't threatened since he has the judges, the GCPD and legal experts behind him, but Penguin is satisfied with having himself. Aubrey surrounds Cobblepot with three gunmen as a threat, but the latter has every customer point their guns out at James, outnumbering him and his men. However, Cobblepot chooses not to kill Aubrey, claiming that it wouldn't be fun with only one candidate, but admits that he needs help as he is inexperienced.


Penguin starts his mayoral campaign

At Arkham Asylum, Cobblepot meets the current Warden who is forced to deal with the mess Strange caused. Cobblepot makes a deal for the Warden to get a higher position in exchange for releasing Nygma from the asylum. The warden is hesitant of releasing a convicted criminal, but Cobblepot threatens to keep the Warden at Arkham, demoted as a janitor. Nygma is released as promised with the Warden claiming all the murders were committed during his insanity. At first Edward is suspicious because he was released so easily, but when Cobblepot shows up in his car, he realizes what happened and happily greets his friend.

During a speech, Oswald talks about his mother, claiming that she always believed in him. He announces that they will make Gotham safe again, which is greeted by applause. Edward later tells Oswald that Penguin should and can become mayor without paying off city officials, leading to an argument between the two. Edward then heads to every city official bribed by Oswald and demands the money back, claiming that Oswald will run a clean election. When this is revealed, Butch grabs Nygma and throttles him, telling Oswald that Nygma just cost him the election. Oswald is disappointed in his friend but Nygma then points to the television, where it is revealed that Oswald won the election by a landslide.

Red Hood Gang

As mayor, Oswald participates in numerous public events, with Butch and Nygma by his side. Afterwards, Penguin returns to his manor where he speaks to a statue of his mother, which he had built in her honor. Nygma walks in on Penguin talking to the statue and claims that his mother would have been proud of what Oswald had achieved.

The next day, Oswald is holding a speech on the steps before a building when the speech is interrupted. The Red Hood Gang turns up and, after forcing everyone to the ground, start disfiguring the statue of Oswald's mother, eventually smacking off her head with a sledgehammer. An outraged Oswald screams that they are going to pay for this. One of the gangsters sarcastically tells Oswald not to lose his head, then throws a smoke bomb in which the gang escapes.

Cobblepot later meets with his gang and starts talking about his mother, calling her a saint, and vowing revenge on the gang who defiled the statue. When one of the gangsters claims that they only need glue and a little paint to restore the statue, Penguin smashes his head into the stone head of his mother. Claiming that the Red Hoods have challenged his authority, he sends out the men to make an example out of them while he and Barbara Kean head to the Sirens to celebrate Oswald's election.


Penguin welcomes the destruction of the Red Hood Gang

Before that can happen, Nygma deduces the location of the gang's hideout. Penguin calls Butch, telling him where the warehouse is and that he and the gang are heading there now. Penguin is not aware that Butch has hired the Red Hood Gang in order to take them down and to be a hero in the eyes of Penguin. Before Penguin and the gang can arrive at the warehouse, Butch heads there and attempts to convince the gang to flee. When he hears Penguin and his gang approaching, Butch murders the entire Red Hood Gang instead, successfully reinstating him in the eyes of Cobblepot. In a press conference, Penguin reveals the destruction of the gang and gives all credit to Butch. Nygma, however, is not pleased.

At the victory party, Cobblepot meets with Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth and Bruce thanks him for saving his life from Galavan. However, Alfred sarcastically comments on Penguin's overly-dramatic use of a bazooka and claims that he has been picking pieces of Galavan from the grass for weeks afterwards.

Manipulated by Nygma, who holds Tabitha hostage, Butch is forced to "murder" Cobblepot. He dons a red hood and, while Penguin is holding his victory speech, shoots at him. However, the gun Nygma gave Butch is revealed to have been filled with blanks and an outraged Penguin calls for Butch's death. Penguin heads back to the stage, claiming that he is shocked and disturbed that he has been betrayed by one of his closest friends. His hate speech is interrupted when Tabitha storms the room, having escaped her captors. Without the leverage, Butch attacks Nygma and attempts to strangle him but is stopped by Oswald who hits him over the head with a bottle, knocking him unconscious. The injured Nygma is brought to Van dahl Mansion where it is revealed that Nygma told Penguin about his ruse with Butch. Nygma tells him that Penguin's shock to see Butch's betrayal had to be genuine and that now, Penguin once more is seen as a hero. Nygma also tells Penguin that Penguin can always rely on him.

Developing feelings for Nygma

Back at his manor, Penguin has developed feelings for Ed and decides to tell him so. He approaches Ed, who is managing his affairs, but gets cold feet and instead redirects their conversation to his schedule.

As mayor, Penguin visits a school where he is clearly annoyed as he does not particularly like children. However, he sees a lone boy who is sitting apart from the others and sympathizes with him. The boy tells him that he is new and that he is afraid that the other children may not like him. Penguin tells him that he will never find out if he does not try. He also tells him to push the children down the stairs should they indeed not like him. After the boy is gone, Penguin once more approaches Ed and invites him to dinner at the mansion, claiming that they have something important to discuss.However, Nygma reveals to Oswald that he had found a new girlfriend, Isabella. To seperate the two, Oswald visits Isabella's book store and starts a conversation. He reveals to her that Nygma was imprisoned at Arkham for murdering his former girlfriend, implying that he might kill her as well.

Oswald then attends the anual Founder's Dinner which, as the mayor, is hosted by him. There, he talks to Kathryn Monroe, who reveals she had come from one of Gotham's ancient families, just like him. Oswald is almost killed by Jervis Tetch when the latter storms the dinner but is saved by the GDPD who arrive in time. After the dinner, Oswald is annoyed when he sees that his plan to seperate Nygma and Isabella didn't work, as the couple (Nygma and Isabella) are still in love. Oswald goes home tired, however, in jealousy and lust, he thinks of another scheme.

Murdering Isabella

Nygma explains to Oswald how he is afraid of accidentally killing Isabella the way he did Kringle. Oswald tells him to break up with Isabella to keep her safe, but Nygma asks him to do it for him. When Oswald visits Isabella in her house, he orders her to end her relationship with Nygma, saying that other than Isabella's obvious resemblance to Nygma's former lover and similar cryptic behavior they have nothing in common and that Isabella doesn't deserve Nygma. However, Isabella realises that Oswald is in love with Edward as well and tells him that she wil not give up on Nygma that easily. Isabella continues to confess. Instead of being jealous, Isabella points out that the only reason Nygma wants to break up with her is because he's afraid that he'll hurt her the way he hurt Kringle. Oswald walks closer to Isabella and threatens her to let Nygma go, Isabella refuses. An angered Oswald warns her that something far worse is coming her way and leaves. Later, Oswald is told by Nygma that he and Isabella fell in love again as Isabella changed her clothes and dyed her hair to look exactly Kringle to prove that Nygma's learned from his past mistake. Oswald hides his jealousy from Nygma only to say he's happy for his friend's relationship. He tells Nygma that he will go to bed but wants to hear about everything the next day. Determined to make Nygma his, Oswald has his henchman, Gabe cut off the brakes in Isabella's car so she would be killed, knowing Nygma would be heartbroken with her passing.

After seeing how anxious Nygma is waiting for Isabella's call, Oswald lies to Nygma, assuring his friend that Isabella will call soon. Nygma indeed receives a call but instead of Isabella, he is called by the GCPD, telling him to come to the precinct, but not explaining why. At the precinct, Edward and Oswald are told that Isabella is dead and see her lifeless body on the M.E. table. Oswald tells Nygma that according to the police, Isabella blew through a red light and was hit by an incoming train and possibly fell asleep while behind the wheel. As Nygma watches the dead Isabella being sent to the grave, he cries on Oswald's shoulder, just as Oswald expected. Although Oswald has partially succeeded in making Edward his, Edward has now gone to a depressing state as he is mourning for his girlfriend's death. Oswald tries to convince Nygma to move on as Isabella would've wanted Nygma to find happiness again, but Nygma still acts miserable and decides to go to where his lost love has died. Nygma returns to the mansion revealing to Oswald that he has found evidence that Isabella's death was in fact a murder. Oswald becomes fearful that Edward might discover his own involvement in Isabella's murder, but is relieved that Nygma believes Butch is the culprit. Relieved, Oswald agrees to assist Nygma punish Butch for a murder he didn't commit.

During a meeting with the five most powerful of Gotham's crime families, Oswald is interrupted when Barbara Keans storms in and aims a gun at him. Barbara demands to know where Tabitha and Butch, both missing, are. Oswald, however, feign ignorance and sends Barbara off, threatening to have her killed should she ever aim a gun at him again. After Barbara leaves, Oswald calls Nygma, who has captured Butch and Tabitha, and warns him about Barbara investigating.

During his torture of Butch, Nygma finds out that Butch was not the one who killed Isabella. Furthermore, Barbara and Butch deduce that Oswald was the true killer.

He later tries to encourage Nygma and keep him in the mayor's office, however, a frustrated Nygma requests a partnership, leaving Oswald to disagree. Oswald however cries as Nygma was truly his friend, and asks forgiveness. Nygma hugs him and tells him he was a friend as well. Oswald lost a friend due to his evil deeds.



Oswald is horrified when seeing his father's ghost

Although he is able to deliver some resounding successes as mayor, Oswald is approached by a reporter who is not convinced at all about his good intentions. After Oswald agrees to an interview with her, as this could help him to get into the country politics, she tells him that she will dig deep to find dirt on him and that she will not hold back at the interview. Oswald assures her that he has nothing to hide, but then sees a vision of the dead Elijah van Dahl.

The same night, Oswald has a nightmare, again about his father. Elijah tells Oswald that 'he' is not to be trusted but when Oswald asks whom Elijah means, the dream ends. Instead, the door bell rings. When Oswald opens, he is confronted by two policemen who inform him that someone broke into the cementary and dug up Elijah's remains. Unable to fall asleep again, Oswald ventures through the mansion and encounters another hallucination of his father. Elijah implores the shocked Oswald to find his corpse as he cannot rest until he is under the earth once more. He also tells Oswald that Isabella is on the other side with him and is telling tales of murder. Claiming once more not to trust 'him' - this time explaining that the unknown person is "the birthday-boy" - Elijah vanishes.

The next morning, Oswald comes to city hall where some of his employees are celebrating the birthday of Oswald's deputy chief of staff. Believing him to be the "birthday-boy", Oswald uses the distraction to search the man's office, finding the corpse of Elijah in the closet. Shocked and furious, Oswald beats the man to death once he returns into his office. However, he then realizes in horror that the interview is happening in mere moments.


Penguin loses his mind on live TV

Arriving a little too late at the interview, Oswald then listens to the interviewer's question. The first question the woman asks is how exactly Oswald managed to keep Gotham so safe. This creates a small panic reaction of Penguin, who then regains his calm demeanor and answers normally. As the interview continues, the woman eventually claims that it seems that many people died so that Penguin could become the so-called "King of Gotham", reminding the listeners that he was sent to Arkham for the murder of Theo Galavan. While Penguin claims that he did the city a service by saving them from Galavan, he once more panicks when he sees a hallucination of Elijah carrying the paperweight he used to kill the "birthday-boy". Jumping up to follow his father, Penguin is told by the woman that he owes the people of Gotham and America an explanation, causing Penguin to exlaim "To hell with the people!" on live TV.

It is later explained that the hallucination was no hallucination at all, but Basil Karlo who was hired by Nygma and Barbara. Both had deviced the scheme to make Penguin loose his mind on national television. The next day, Oswald wakes up to see Barbara in his room. She reads him a newspaper article about Oswald's interview and claims that the other crime families might think that he's losing his touch. She tells Oswald to meet her the next day, planning to bring the 'old' Oswald back.

Oswald indeed turns up at the Sirens where Barbara claims she invited all other bosses. Nobody, however, has turned up, so Babara tries to convince Oswald that the bosses do not respect him anymore. She advises him to murder two of the lesser crime bosses to set an example, but Oswald laughs and says that he sees through her lies. Drawing a knife from his cane, Oswald correctly deduces that Barbara wanted to use his weakened state to have him wage war against his disciples so that she could pick up the pieces. However, the same moment the phone in the Sirens rings. The man on the other end is one of the two mob bosses who tells Oswald that they hope he got the message. The man, Tommy Bones, also claims that they don't work for Penguin anymore and that they have Nygma as their captive.

In fear for Nygma, Oswald sends his men against his underbosses. Later, Oswald is called by Nygma who claims to have snuck to a phone. Nygma gives him an adress in a chemical facility, claiming to be there. This causes Oswald to rouse his men immediately to come to Nygma's aid.

Learning the truth

With his two henchmen, Oswald heads to the warehouse where they encounter Nygma. Oswald is overjoyed to see him, but when he tells Nygma that they've come alone Nygma shoots both of Oswald's guards. Oswald is shocked and claims that he doesn't understand to which Nygma replies that that has been half the fun. Nygma then reveals that he only staged his kidnapping and drags Oswald into a corner, where the destroyed car of Isabella is stored. Nygma angrily shouts that Isabella was his "everything" and that this is the reason why he took everything from Oswald except his life. Edward adds that he will take that too in the very night.


Barbara confronts the captured Oswald

While preparing for Oswald's demise, Edward reveals to him how exactly he staged everything, including hiring Karlo. He also adds that he disposed of Elijah's remains in a dumpster behind a restaurant. When Oswald admits to having had Isabella killed, Nygma angrily accuses him of destroying his life, believing he would have lived a happy life with Isabella. Oswald replies that he did Nygma a favor because both of them know that, had Oswald not killed Isabella, Nygma would have done so. When Oswald then claims that Oswald did what he did because of his love for Edward, Edward angrily shuts him up by claiming that Oswald would sacrifice everything - even Nygma - to save his own life. Edward then fixes the ropes tying Oswald to the wreckage and reveals the trap he has put Oswald into. Over Oswald hangs a vat of acid which will pour down on him the moment the ice block which contains a frozen chain, melts. While Oswald screams that he will change, Edward walks away to leave Oswald alone in his last moments. However, just before the vat turns over, Oswald is saved by a policeman who happens to be nearby.

Back at his manor, Oswald is confronted by Butch and Tabitha who have come to dispose of Nygma. Capturing him with his whip, Tabitha then taunts Oswald about the death of his mother before Butch knocks him out. The two decide to take him with them. Oswald is brought before Barbara, Tabitha and Butch who are now after Nygma, who was outlived his usefulness. They want to make a deal with Oswald, promising his life if he calls Nygma and convinces him to meet. However, remembering what Edward accused him of, Oswald refuses.


Oswald sinks to his supposed death

After Oswald refuses to give up Nygma, Nygma reveals himself - having in the room the entire time. Oswald realizes that all four of them have plotted against him and Nygma confirms this, adding that he wanted Oswald to die knowing that he was not capable of loving anything.

Nygma brings Oswald to the harbor, where he is supposed to shoot Oswald. However, by claiming that he was the one who created the true Oswald, and that the two cannot exist without each other, Oswald attempts to talks his way out of it. Despite this, Nygma shoots Oswald into the chest and pushes him into the harbor where Oswald sinks to the ground.

Betrayed once more

I just remembered, there's somebody I need to kill...
~ Oswald remembers Nygma "killing" him
Weeks after Oswald has been shot by Nygma, the police is still searching for the missing mayor without success.

Meanwhile, Nygma uses pills to create a hallucination of Oswald to have a conversation partner. The hallucination somewhat acts as a conscience and a mentor to Nygma. However, although Nygma realizes that his friendship with Oswald truly meant something to him and that by killing Penguin, he killed part of himself, Nygma plans to move forward without Penguin holding him back. In order to do so, he throws the pills into the harbor at the same time he murdered Oswald weeks ago.


Oswald plots his revenge

It is revealed that Oswald survived and has been fished out of the water by Ivy Pepper who nursed him back to health over the last weeks. When Oswald opens his eyes, he remembers and states that he needs to murder Nygma. He eventually convinces Ivy to help him build an army in order to get his revenge on Nygma. In order to start building the army, Oswald claims that every army starts with one loyal soldier and that he needs his former henchman Gabe. Ivy promises to bring Gabe to him. She succeeds and Gabe seem rejoiced to see Oswald again. He reveals that Barbara is now running things but that people will flock to him once more when they hear that Oswald is back. Oswald orders him to amass an army and Gabe walks off to make some phone calls. Ivy, however, tells Oswald that she feels something is off.

Oswald plans to cut Ivy off now that he has Gabe again but Ivy does not understand. She furthermore states that she has a perfume that will make Gabe spill his secrets. Oswald, however, only makes fun of her which causes Ivy to storm out of the room. Oswald is knocked out by Gabe only seconds later. When Oswald regains consciousness, he finds himself tied to a chair, Gabe sitting on the other side. Gabe reveals that he and his men will not kill Penguin but that they will sell that right off to the highest bidder. Ivy is captured moments later and tied up next to Oswald. While their captives are eating donuts, Penguin and Ivy argue about how Oswald is treating Ivy. After he promises to be nice to her from now on, Ivy uses her perfume on one of their captives and orders them to kill all of their captors. Oswald orders them to stop before Gabe can be shot as well. Instead, he orders Ivy to tell the henchman to free them and to give Oswald a gun. Once this is done, Oswald shoots the henchman and smugly tells Gabe that he likes the idea of an auction. He states that he will auction Gabe off to himself, piece by piece.


Penguin furiously kills Gabe

Ivy and Oswald then force Gabe to get rid off the bodies. While he does, he tries to convince Oswald to spare him, claiming that he was there for Oswald when no one else was. Oswald rhetorically wonders whether Gabe could be loyal to him again and Gabe falls on his knees and swears on his mother's grave. However, Oswald has him smell Ivy's perfume, forcing him to reveal that he is not loyal to Penguin after all and that he never was. Gabe reveals that he and all others only followed Oswald out of fear, not respect, and always saw him as a tiny freak who used to hold an umbrella. Outraged by this, Oswald grabs a garden tool from a nearby table and furiously mauls Gabe to death. After calming down, he apologizes to Ivy for his outburst while burying Gabe. Ivy accepts the apology and asks him whether he gas given up his plans for revenge. Oswald disheartenly claims that he cannot take on Nygma and Barbara all by himself. Ivy replies that he hardly needs to do it all by himself and proposes that he recruits the former Indian Hill experiments to create an "army of freaks". In order to build this army, Oswald and Ivy track down and visit Victor Fries and Bridgit Pike and recruit them to their cause, later bringing them back to Gotham in order to make further plans.

Hunting Nygma

After his team is assembled, Penguin and Firefly confront James Gordon outside of his flat. Jim is shocked that Oswald is still alive but Oswald only states that he is hard to kill. He then demands that Jim tells him where Nygma is, revealing that he knows that Nygma was last seen with Gordon. Gordon claims that Nygma escaped police custody but Oswald does not believe him. Penguin connects the dots between Nygma openly challenging Gotham's secret court and his mysterious disappearance. Jim tells Oswald to drop it, for his own sake, but Oswald refuses. Oswald hands Jim a phone, ordering him to deliver it to the Court and also threatening to bring public attention to the Court if he does not get a call the very same day.


Oswald reveals himself to Jim

Later Penguin actually gets a call, but hears Jim speaking. Listening to the conversation, Penguin realizes that Jim is at a location where the Court plans to launch a bomb. He and Firefly head to the location where they kill the Talon, the Court's assassin. After everyone is safe, Penguin orders Jim to tell him about the Court but Jim merely states that Oswald just killed one of their assassins and that they will surely be in touch.

Indeed, a Talon later infiltrates Oswald's manor. Oswald is captured and brought to the headquarter of the Court where he is put in a cage. While ranting and screaming, the horrified Oswald realizes that Nygma has been put in the cage next to his.


Oswald as the Court's prisoner

Both men are shocked but Oswald immediately tries to grab Nygma. When Nygma asks him how he survived, Oswald reveals that when Nygma shot him he gave him something to live for - revenge. When Oswald calls Nygma "Ed", Nygma screams that Penguin has no right to call him that. He states that he is the Riddler now and that he became that when he killed Penguin. Although they are caged up, both men make it clear to each other that they plan to murder the other once they have come free. The two keep arguing, with Penguin making a shiv which Nygma claims to be to thin. Oswald replies by constantly mentioning the name "Edward", which causes Nygma to rage eventually. Nygma also reveals that he stole a blowdart from the guards a few days ago. Claiming that he initially planned to use it on the guards, he blows it into Penguin's throat instead. While Penguin starts to lose consciousness, he manages to slam his food tablet to the floor, causing enough noise to alert the guards who arrive in time to see Nygma, who has already picked the lock of his cell, trying to escape. While Nygma is beaten up by the guards and returns to his cell, Penguin loses consciousness completely. After Oswald regains consciousness, Edward angrily screams at him because his lockpick was confiscated. A brief conversation between the two starts and Edward reveals that he overheard the guards talking about an imminent attack on Gotham. Eventually, Penguin decides that antagonizing each other will not help. The two agree that if they want to escape, they need to work together. The two make some rules for the project, one being that they cannot kill each other immediately after but will have a six-hour-window for both men to escape and prepare. Both agree to the rules and shake hands, sealing their pact.


Nygma and Penguin face each other after escaping

The two manage to open Oswald's cell and then act as if Nygma took Oswald hostage. Oswald calls in the guards and Nygma seemingly slices his throat, but Oswald then suddenly gets back up and attacks the Guards. After both men are dead, Oswald opens Nygma's cell. The two escape the building and flee into the streets of Gotham. There, both men drop their weapons as their agreement still gives them five hours. There, Nygma asks Oswald how he plans to win as Nygma is an ally of Barbara and thus of the entire Gotham mafia. Oswald replies that he has an army of Hugo Strange's monsters and that he would take down Nygma even if he were alone.

Versus Nygma

Returning to his safehouse, Oswald learns that his army has abandoned him after his disappearance and that Ivy and Selina are his only allies left. Furiously, he starts destroying the furniture in his mansion in a fit of rage. He then turns to Selina and asks her to find his army for him again, which she agrees to. However, the safehouse is suddenly compromised when Nygma and Butch bust into the room. When they approach Oswald, Butch asks whether he can kill Penguin but Nygma realizes something is wrong. He is proven right when Penguin hits a button on a trigger which causes all blends to slam shut, dousing the room in darkness. Oswald and Ivy escape through a hidden door while Nygma and Butch are trapped inside the safehouse. Nygma screams after Oswald that he is only delaying the inevitable.

When Selina Kyle is captured and delivered to him and Barbara, Nygma realizes that Oswald has been abandoned by his allies and that he wants Selina to find them for him again. He devises a plan and orders Selina to call Oswald and tell that she found the monsters and wants to meet. She actually does so and calls Ivy who willingly reveals their location. Selina informs Nygma and his group who turn up at Oswald's location in full force. However, before he wants to kill Oswald, Nygma wants Oswald to call him "the Riddler". Much to Nygma's anger, Oswald refuses and Nygma prepares to torture Oswald until he says the name. The situation is further disturbed when suddenly a third group led by Fish Mooney turns up, armed to the teeth. Fish takes Oswald with her and then sarcastically tells the rest of the group to "carry on" with watever they were doing.

Working with Fish again

After having been taken by Fish, Oswald is proposed a partership by her. Oswald agrees and allies himself with Fish.

After Fish and her men have captured Hugo Strange, they bring him to Oswald's mansion which is Fish's new headquarter. There, he is guarded by Mr. Freeze and Firefly and both plan to cripple Strange with their element weapons in order to get revenge on him for creating them. Before they can do so, they are stopped by Oswald. Strange is surprised that Oswald is working with Fish, given that he tried to kill her. Oswald tells Strange that Fish has forgiven him and that they are partners. He states that Fish has evolved and that she has a vision for Gotham, a vision in which the freaks are in charge. He states that the freaks are loose on the city and that that fact makes Strange's antidote the most valuable thing in the city. He states that Fish and her gang can demand half the city in exchange for the antidote and thus, Oswald tells Strange that he will only ask once where the antidote is located. Strange refuses to cooperate however, claiming that the antidote is the only thing that prevents him from being killed by Fish's men. He states that Oswald can torture him all he wants, he will not give up the antidote. Nonetheless, he is shocked and afraid when Oswald actually prepares to torture him.


Strange brings Oswald and Fish's men to his laboratory

Oswald reveals that he obtained the same device Strange used at Arkham to torture Oswald. Strange tries to reason with Oswald, claiming that it was only therapy. Without listening to him, Oswald straps the device to Strange's head and Strange gives in and screams that he will Oswald the antidote. Oswald replies that he knows, but Strange won't do so not just yet. He then activates the machine, causing Strange immense pain. After having tortured Strange enough, Oswald, Fish and her men accompany the Professor to one of his secret labs where he has stored the anti-dote. After Strange hands it to Fish, Fish turns to Oswald and states that the two of them will rule Gotham together. Oswald confirms that they will but adds that first, he needs to kill Ed Nygma. Fish tells him that everyone who stands in their way will die.

When they leave the building, they are suddenly ambushed by a group of hooded ninjas who demand the cure. Fish orders Freeze and Firefly to kill the ninjas instead. While Fish watches the battle, Oswald and Strange head for cover. Eventually, Gordon and Bullock turn up as well and Gordon, having been infected by the Tetch virus, joins the fight and brutally kills the ninjas. However, fueled by the virus he also fatally stabs Fish. Horrified, Oswald rushes to the side of his dying mentor and with her dying breath, Fish tells him to either make the city his or to burn it to the ground. Oswald cries as Fish dies in his arms. He then furiously jumps up, claiming that while people call him monster, Gordon is the real monster. Still affected by the virus, Jim claims that it is true and grabs Oswald by the neck in order to break his spine. However, before he can do so he is knocked out by Bullock, which saves Oswald. With the rest of the criminals, Oswald is then arrested and incarcarated at the GCPD.

Hostage exchange

When Nygma captures Jervis Tetch, who is pivotal for the manufacturing an antidote for the Tetch virus, Gordon calls Nygma and makes a proposition - exchanging Tetch for Oswald. Without telling Barbara, Nygma agrees to meet with Gordon in an abandoned warehouse. While he is being driven to the warehouse, Oswald realizes that he is being sacrificed for the good of the city. He asks that at least his hands be untied so that he can approach death with dignity. Bullocks grants it and removes the handcuffs.


Barbara and co. storm the hostage exchange

At the warehouse, Nygma awaits Gordon, Oswald and Bullock. He has a grenade strapped to Tetch and claims that he will pull the pin if anyone tries to trick him. He then arrogantly assures Oswald that his demise at Nygma's hands was inevitable but Oswald replies that Nygma said the same thing the last time. Before the exchange can take place, Barbara, Butch and Tabitha show up and demand Tetch. Nygma uses the grenade he pinned to Tetch and throws it at the trio. They manage to take cover and a gunfight breaks out. During the gunfight, Oswald manages to run out of the warehouse, pursued by Nygma. Outside, he waits for Nygma and ambushes him from behind and knocks him out. He throws the unconscious Nygma in the GCPD car Jim and Bullock brought him to the warehouse with and drives off.

When Nygma regains consciousness, he finds himself to be captured in the back of the police car. Oswald reveals to him that he is improvising and that he does not yet know where he will take Nygma to. He makes it clear that he plans to draw out the moment. Oswald then wonders whether it is killing Nygma to know that he is not as smart as he thinks. Nygma claims that his plan was perfect, Oswald denies it. He does not realize, however, that Nygma is already picking the lock of his handcuffs.


Nygma holds Oswald at gunpoint

While they drive on, Edward asks Oswald whether he isn't tired of making the same mistake over and over again - feeding his ego instead of killing the opponent when he has the chance. Oswald, however, laughs and asks Edward if he, as the self proclaimed Riddler, is the right person to lecture others about their ego. Nygma states that Oswald will always fail because he will always let his base emotions drive him. He provokes Oswald by stating that he could never have loved Oswald because Oswald is a spoiled child who throws a tantrum whenever things do not go his way. Fed up with Nygma's provocations, Oswald drives the car to the side of the road, draws his gun and tells Nygma to prepare for a massive tantrum. However, once he tries to open the back door, Nygma kicks it open, jumps out of the car and grabs the gun Oswald dropped. When he aims the gun at Oswald, Oswald actuallly throws a tantrum and screams that everything is not fair and that it was his time to kill Nygma. Nygma replies that Oswald will always fail because he will never change. Oswald spitefully replies that at least he knows who he is and states that Nygma's rebirth as the Riddler was a lie because the entire personna is based on a lie. Oswald loudly states that there is nothing Nygma can do about this but Nygma smiles and claims that actually, there might be a way.

Nygma drives Oswald back to the docks where he previously shot him. Nygma states that it is really great to be back and asks Oswald whether he has any last words. Oswald replies that he is fine for now, which surprises Nygma. He states that he is about to kill Oswald so there will be no "later". If Oswald has anything to say he should do so now. Oswald only replies "Duly noted!". Nygma starts to get tense and he states that Oswald will not ruin this moment for him. He claims that while Oswald has nothing to say, he has. He tells Oswald goodbye and pulls the trigger but nothing happens.


Penguin gleefully watches as Nygma is frozen solid

Oswald only nods and reveals to Nygma that he emptied the gun while Edward was unconscious. He adds that he also called Ivy and Mr. Freeze and the same moment, the two reveal themselves. Oswald also tells Nygma that the pin he found on the backseat and used to free himself from the handcuffs was Oswald's tie pin; he wanted to make it personal. Nygma realizes that he has been played and that Oswald wanted him to think that he had the upper hand. Nygma then asks why Oswald did not just kill him. Oswald replies that Nygma was the one time Oswald let love weaken him. He states that he wants Nygma as a constant reminder not to make that mistake again. Freeze then steps forward and blasts his freeze ray at Nygma, freezing him whole as Oswald watches in glee.

Back at his mansion, Penguin reveals to Ivy the plans for a new nightclub which he plans to call the "Iceberg Lounge". Ivy asks him whether he calls it like that because he is nicknamed Penguin. Penguin admits that this is only part of the reason, stating that the other one is the club's centerpiece attraction which is the massive ice block Nygma is frozen in.

Opening his Club


Penguin makes a deal with the heads of Gotham

Penguin's next move is taking control over Gotham's criminal underworld once more. He manages to do so and implements a new rule. From now on, no one is allowed to commit a crime in Gotham without a permission licese from Penguin - which they have to pay for with half of the intake of their criminal endeavour. This massively benefits Penguin and also lowers the crime rate in Gotham. Three moinths later, crime in Gotham has declined by 57 %. However, Penguin now wants to "unionise" crime, basically making it legal. As there will be always crime in Gotham, Penguin want to at least hand it to professionals. He makes the proposition to the new mayor and police comissioner of Gotham during an inofficial meeting and demands that the GCPD let any criminal with a license walk away unharmed. After haggling for their personal benefit from this deal, Penguin allows each man 1 % of the cut of each licensed crime and the deal is accepted. Before he leaves, Penguin also invites both men to the opening of his new club, the Iceberg Lounge.

The day of his club opening, Penguin allows some press in his new premises. As the Iceberg Lounge is built ion the former Sirens club, a reporter asks him whether he aquired the club from Barbara Kean. He makes clear that he does not like that question and then reveals that no one has seen Kean in months and that her whereabouts are not his concern. Another reporter asks Penguin whether he is behind the rumored licensing of criminals and Penguin reminds him that the crime rate in Gotham is at a historic low. Penguin neither confirms or denies it but reminds the reporters that they are here to talk about his club. He then gives Ivy a sign, who in turn reveals the massive ice block in the center of the lounge - with Edward Nygma frozen inside. Penguin claims that Nygma had a rare brain disease and that freezing him was the only option to save his life until a cure is found. Suddenly, Jim Gordon appears in the club and openly confronts Oswald in front of the reporters. He loudly states that a criminal gang in Gotham, who is attacking people with fear gas, is not afraid of him. This causes Penguin to openly exclaim that he will crush the gang.


Penguin at his new club

During the grand opening of the club, celebrities and the highest elite of Gotham are present. Even Bruce Wayne and his butler Alfred Pennyworth are there and Bruce congratulates Penguin on his club. Alfred, in turn, claims that he just admired Penguin's "frozen mate" and asks whether Nygma is still alive in the ice. Penguin replies that they might never know but Bruce replies that they will surely find out when Penguin thaws him out because the cure for Nygma's brain disease has been found. Bruce then thanks Penguin for all he has done for the city and asks about the licences. Alfred advises a little discretion but Bruce states that he merely wants to know how it works. Although reluctant at first, Penguin opens up to Bruce when he states that if crime had been licensed three years ago, his family would still be alive. Penguin then claims that he is not connected to the licences directly but merely provises the guidelines - his assistant Mr. Pen is responsible for handing out the licences.


Penguin argues with Bruce

Together with Zsasz and other henchmen, Penguin ambushes and stops the gang of thugs from deploying fear gas onto the guests. When Zsasz asks whether he wants the gang executed here or downstairs, Penguin then claims that he has an entirely different idea. He has the gangsters brought down into the main room where he shows them to the guests and reveals that this is the kind of criminals that Gotham can expect without him. He states that it is Oswald Cobblepot who keeps the city safe, not the GCPD. Bruce Wayne then speaks up and asks what will be done with these men. Cobblepot replies that this shouldn't concern Bruce but Bruce does not allow Penguin to silence him. Instead, Bruce asks whether the men will be turned over to the GCPD. Penguin reminds Bruce that he thanked him for keeping the city safe. He asks Bruce how he believes that Penguin accomplished that. Penguin reveals that does the dirty work no one else is willing to do. Bruce nonetheless asks Penguin to turn the criminals over to the GCPD. Although he claims that Bruce has a good heart, Penguin refuses.

Suddenly, the light in the club goes out and the gangsters free themselves. Their leader uses the opportunity to spray Penguin with the fear gas and Penguin, looking at the ice column inside the room, hallucinates a demon-like Nygma attacking him. Weeping, he turns to Jim for aid and the situation gets the headline of every newspaper the next day.