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I am Osenno, Praetor of the Ecclesiastical Tribunal. It is an honor for you to die in my hands.
~ Osenno
Osenno, the hidden secondary leader of the Radiant Church, is one of the major antagonists of Coiling Dragon series. He is also the powerful Praetor of the infamous Ecclesiastical Tribunal.


Unlike the Radiant Church's public leader, Heidens the Holy Emperor that is much calmer, Osenno is a complete bloodthirsty savage and madman who relishes any sort of tortures and interrogations, or, if you will call him so: a killing machine. He made his first full appearance when he tried to stop Linley Baruch from entering the Realm of Chaos. According to Deslie, he is one of three most powerful members of the Radiant Church, other than Heidens, alongside Thunder and Alfanso.

In books, Osenno was destroyed by Linley and his allies after the destruction of the Radiant Church and the Cult of Shadows, while in ongoing comics, he is yet to appear.


After he conquered the city of Black Earth, Linley went on to search for Reynold and later met Deslie. However, seizing Linley's absence, Osenno led several angels and unleased an massive attack. Osenno was proved to be sp powerful that not even Bark or Zassler could harm him. As situations went critical, Hearo contact Linley for help, and Linley, Bebe, Deslie & Reynold went back as fast as they could. Osenno was then forced to retreat after being surrounded by Linley and his backup.


  • He is one of the many who nearly killed Linley.
  • Osenno is the exactly hot-headed counterpart of the cold-blooded Heidens.
  • Before Osenno is appear in the comics, he was mentioned twice:
    1. During the talk between Monroe Dawson and Heidens.
    2. During the talk between Deslie and Linley, when Deslie gave Linley important informations.


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