2DTV Bin Laden
Osama Bin Laden is a minor antagonist in the animated comedy sketch show 2DTV.  He is the antagonist to George Bush and Tony Blair.

In one of the sketches he has his own villain song in which the sketch is played out like a parody of the Dad's Army opening titles (A map featuring triangles representing Bin Laden himself, US and UK platoons).

Throughout the sketches, one of the re-occurring themes is he always surrounds himself with 2 incompetent Al-Queda henchmen. The evidence of their incompetence includes rocks that are "anti-aircraft missiles" and after posting a nuclear bomb to "Infidel Bush" they try to deliver it by tying the heavy letter to a courier pigeon (Bin Laden wondered where the second bird was before one of the henchmen burps out feathers).

Bin Laden also has another henchman named Bini Me (a parody of Dr. Evil's henchman Mini Me).