What you call Darkness.. IS THE END OF YOUR EVOLUTION!

Oryx, also known as the Taken King, is the main antagonist of the Taken King expansion of the video game Destiny, and the father of Crota.

Oryx was an immensely powerful Hive king and god that aided the Darkness in extinguishing the Traveler. To this end, he sent his son, Crota, to our solar system to drain the light of the Traveler. Centuries later, Crota was killed by a Fireteam, which alerted Oryx. To aid in his quest for revenge, the Darkness granted Oryx the ability to twist and corrupt Vex, Cabal, Fallen and other Hive into the Taken, to create an unending army.

A lone Guardian was able to get into Oryx's throne room on the Dreadnaught and do battle with him. The Taken King was defeated and vanished after absorbing the power from his sword. However, the Taken were still invading and it was soon revealed the Taken King was not dead and was even stronger than before. A team of Guardians soon invaded his Dreadnaught again and after a long battle, finally killing the Hive God and ending the Taken War for once and for all.