Ortega:What the fuck, Trevor!? (Trevor: This is the fuck, my soggy friend. You are out of business. The Lost MC are out of business. The guns and crank in this area go through Trevor Philips Enterprise, or they ain't going.) Ortega: Sayin' something don't make it true.
~ Ortega and Trevor Philips arguing with each other

Ortega (1961-2013) is the Mexican leader of the drug and gun dealing gang called the Varrios Los Aztecas in the game Grand Theft Auto V. He served as a minor antagonist in GTA V, but was also the first actual antagonist to Trevor Phillips.

Events in Grand Theft Auto V

Ortega and his gang the Aztecas are rivals to Trevor Phillips' gang Trevor Phillips Industries in the drug and gun dealing business along The Lost MC and the O'Neil Brothers. After an angry Trevor took out most of the Lost members he also decided to run the Aztecas out of business too. He and his assistant Ron showed up at Ortega's trailer/meth lab and used his truck to ram it into the Alamo Sea. Ortega jumps out and confronts Trevor. After Trevor states that he is taking over the business in the area he can either intimate Ortega into surrendering or killing him.

If Ortega is spared then he and the Aztecas will later attack Trevor's meth lab in retaliation however Trevor and his man Chef repel them all. Towards the end of the attack Ortega himself and his remaining men will arrive to fight Trevor, however Trevor kills him in the end.

If he is killed then the Aztecas will still attack as revenge for Ortega's death.