Orson (translated Olsson in the Japanese version) is a Paladin of Renais that is seen aiding Ephraim in Chapter 5x. Before this chapter, Tirado and Valter converse of how to defeat Ephraim. Tirado mentions that "along the prince's side is a friend. When the time comes, that friend will come to our aid." He is referring to Orson. After attempting to make escape from Renvall Castle, he, Ephraim, Kyle, and Forde are captured. Before Chapter 8 begins, when Eirika's party reaches Renvall, they are greeted by Orson, who is attempting to obtain Eirika's bracelet. However, Seth is suspicious and points out a few things that blow Orson's cover:

"Why did no enemy reinforcements come from inside the castle?"
"Why free yourself and leave Prince Ephraim in chains?"
"Why do you have a sword concealed in your doublet?"

Orson reveals that he turned to Grado for a chance to bring back his deceased wife, Monica, who is really only a fake version built by Lyon to continuously repeat "Darling" or "I love you" and is killed by Ephraim after the end of the chapter. He escapes, and is not seen or mentioned until Chapter 16, where he has claimed the throne of Renais, and is the boss of the chapter, fighting with either a Silver Lance and a Runesword or a Spear and a Silver Sword. Ephraim and Eirika manage to kill him.