Orogo was a giant extra-terrestrial robot who came to Earth seeking to enslave as many humans as he could. He projected a hypnotic ray from his large single eye; all who looked at it became entranced and joined Orogo's herd of slaves. Weapons could not penetrate his armor and anyone who aimed at him was likely to become a victim of his ray. An elderly man named Albert Carstairs, seen by some as spent and no longer useful to society, declared that he was immune to Orogo's ray and ready for a showdown. Orogo strained to hypnotize Carstairs, to no avail. Orogo burned himself out and fell, shattering on impact. Carstairs disclosed that he was immune due to blindness.

Orogo: The Nightmare From Outer Space appeared in Journey into Mystery #57 (March 1960). This story, drawn by Don Heck, was reprinted in Fantasy Masterpieces #2 (April 1966) and Where Monsters Dwell #12 (November 1971).

"Puny humans!! Meet your master!! I am OROGO, THE MIGHTY!!"

"You CAN'T defeat me! I was built to be SUPREME!! I am the robot Orogo! ALL-POWERFUL! All -- ARGHH!"