An Orne.

Ornes are hostile monsters in the video game; Kid Icarus: Uprising. They are members of the Underworld Army, and are incredibly dangerous to the touch.


Ornes are creatures that resemble demonic skulls. They have two horns, razor sharp teeth and multiple eye-sockets. They also have a purplish-blue aura around them that kill anyone and anything that touches them.


Ornes are powerful demons. Most of the times they just float around, and on rare occasions, they'll try to ram into Pit. If they touch Pit, or vice-versa, Pit immedentily dies. Ornes are also near indestructable, almost none of Pit's weapons can kill Ornes.


Despite being indestructable, Ornes have one weakness, if they get hit by Arrows of Light, they die almost instantily.


  • Ornes are one of two enemies in Kid Icarus: Uprising that can kill Pit in one hit; the other being the Tempura Wizard.
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