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Orlando (The Mask)

Orlando (left) with Sweet Eddy.

Orlando is a henchman of Dorian Tyrell and the tertiary antagonist in The Mask film.

He was portrayed by ???


Orlando was one of the mobsters who supported Dorian to overthrow Niko and make him the crime lord of Edge City. Niko, however, caught wind of this and threatened Tyrell to leave the city in one week, otherwise he would kill him. Refusing to give up, Dorian sent Sweet Eddy, Orlando, Freeze and an unnamed henchman to rob a bank. However, the robbery was foiled by The Mask who robbed the bank himself.

They returned to the Coco Bongo where Orlando and his boss Dorian confronted him. The Mask escaped and Orlando, Tyrell and his men were arrested by the cops. They were later released when their fingerprints didn't match. Orlando was present when his boss puts on the Mask of Loki and departed to Coco Bongo to settle the score with Niko after his boss framed Stanley for the bank robbery after knowing that Stanley is the culprit that the police are looking for. Dorian's gang managed to kill Niko and his gang and decided to blow it up. Tina kicked the Mask out of Dorian's hand which was worn by Milo. Stanley eventually wore the Mask again and became The Mask. Orlando and his comrades were arrested by the police shortly after The Mask scared them with heavy weapons.

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