~ The Orks' famous warcry.

Orks are among the most violent and aggressive species known to exist in the fictional universe of Warhammer 40,000, to the point that Ork culture is almost exclusively geared towards war.


Orks are typically greedy, dumb, dangerous, and unbelievably destructive, caring only for fighting and conquest, though in truth conquest is not as big a deal to Orks as the thrill of combat. It is usual for Orks to gather into a spectacle of bloodlust known as a "WAAAGH!", which is a massive mix of mass migration, genocidal war, full-scale pillage and religious conflict (as orks try to please their twin gods, Gork and Mork). Once one of these frenzies has started few - if any - foes caught in the storm of violence that ensues live to tell the tale.

The Orks are also one of the main threats to human domination and survival in Warhammer 40,000 - rivalled by the Chaos, Tyranids, and Necron (there are infinite other minor alien species but all are said to pale in comparison to these threats).

Types of Orcs


Orks are responsible for the construction and maintenance of Ork klanz' technology. They are born with an instinctive knowledge of machines and an urge to tinker. Despite this, the majority of Ork technology is crude, though it still works due to the Orks' psychic powers and their belief that it does.


Also called "Doks", they are born with an instinctive knowledge of anatomy and medicine, and are the closest thing Orks have to medical personnel, though they enjoy experimenting on their patients far more than healing them. Because of this, Painboyz hold a formidable reputation in Ork society and are typically sought after only if an Ork has no other choice. Occasionally, a Dok's experiments will provide benefits to the Ork on the receiving end of them, but this is usually unintentional.

Some Doks are overtaken by their curiosity and urge to experiment, becoming "Mad Doks" who are shunned even by other Orks. Outcast from their own kind, they roam the galaxy in search of test subjects for their experiments.


Weirdboyz are orks possessing far greater psychic powers than the mild ones held by their peers. However, they are unable to fully control their powers and are prone violent bursts of psychic power, causing them to have to carry copper rods to discharge their psychic energy into and wear bells to indicate their presence.

Weirdboyz' psychic instability is often used by other Orks to their advantage, by shoving them to the frontlines and taking away their copper rods, causing them wreak havoc upon their foes (and often a few friends as well


Also called "Grots", they are a smaller subspecies of Ork that often find themselves enslaved by their larger counterparts. They are typically used for tasks such as clearing minefields or ferrying ammunition.