Orko appears as an antagonist in the infamous Robot Chicken series, during the events of a darkly comical take on He-Man. Like many Robot Chicken antagonists, Orko was originally a hero in the work in question but was warped by the show for comedic purposes.


After Beastman kills a battle-raged He-Man to save Skeletor from a "skull-fucking" Orko discovers the dead body and rushes to inform the king - as Orko does this Skeletor, Evil-Lynne and Beastman lock themselves in their lair out of fear of retribution.

Sure enough Orko arrives, now a comically muscular demigod with the power of He-Man and brutally murders Skeletor, Evil-Lynne and Beastman (off-screen) before leaving, once he leaves the Sorceress congratulates him and states that with the Power Sword Orko can bring He-Man back.

Orko proceeds to stab the Sorcess through the chest and wanders off happily, not wishing to return to his old status as a side-character and effectively usurping He-Man's role as Eternia's "hero".

The Death of He-Man Robot Chicken Adult Swim02:37

The Death of He-Man Robot Chicken Adult Swim