As the Angel of Death passed over Egypt and took the pharaoh's firstborn. As the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were burned for their wickedness. As the waters of the great flood washed the world clean of man's iniquity. My blade will cleanse humanity of its ills.
~ Orion

Orion is the minor antagonist of Sleepy Hollow, appearing in "Paradise Lost" as its main antagonist. Orion is a zealot angel who escaped Purgatory. As a former member of the Heavenly Host, Orion wishes to purge the world of all sin, viewing humanity as sinful and expendable.


Early life

The earliest known time that Orion was on Earth was in 79 A.D. There, he caused a volcano to erupt, killing the population of Pompeii.

Orion once briefly met with George Washinton and battled the Horseman of Death at Valley Forge. He was defeated by Death and, upon defeat, Orion was trapped in Purgatory for 200 years.

When Moloch was struck by the Sword of Methuselah, the Purgatory shook, allowing Orion to escape with several other minor demons. For six weeks, he had been hunting the demons and trying to avoid them to summon a new demon king to serve.

Season Two

Once escaping Purgatory, Orion ran into the Witnesses, Abbie and Ichabod, while battling demons. He then gave Abbie a symbol so that she could summoned him. As he attemped to kill death with his Halo Weapon, and steal his power with it, Katrina released the Horseman and Orion began his hunt. However, after Ichabod and Abbie discovered the angel's true purpose, the Witnesses set up to defeat Orion, and the angel's halo was destroyed by Ichabod using the Horseman's axe. Defeated, Orion then flew off, avoiding another defeat by Death.

However, Abbie kept Orion's symbol and she still considered him as a friend.


  • Orion is the first and so far only angel that made an appearance in Sleepy Hollow.


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