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The Orichalcos Soldier

One of the Orichalcos Soldiers.

The Orichalcos Soldiers are monstrous ancient soldiers created and powered by the magic of the Orichalcos and villains from the Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series. They are also creations of the Orichalcos God. They served Dartz and aided in his conquest of Atlantis.

The Orichalcos Soldiers returned at Dartz's command and began attacking everyone on modern-day Earth.

One Duels Yami Yugi, but the only two cards it uses are "The Seal of Orichalcos" and "Orichalcos Gigas", its strategy consisting of continuously reviving "Gigas" via its effect to increase its ATK. It is defeated.

More are shown later that collect souls for Dartz and attack the group.

The Orichalcos Soldiers are finally out of power and destroyed after the demise of the Orichalcos God.


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