Okay, Monkey! Come-a to me! Hear me spell and make-a rich, make-a rich, make-a rich, make-a rich HA HA!!
~ The Orgon Grindor getting ready to hypnotize Monkey so he can help him steal the world's riches

The Orgon Grindor is the main antagonist in the Dial M For Monkey episode, "Orgon Grindor".

He is an evil alien entertainer and a former fisherman who came to Earth to hypnotize Monkey so he would help him steal all of the Earth's riches. First he asks a hypnotized Monkey to bring him the most valuable thing in the world, Monkey does just that but only brings a portrait of him and Honeydew. Then the Orgon Grindor becomes a bit more specific to Monkey and asks him to bring something shiny and yellow, meaning gold, but Monkey only brought him a hill of bananas. The Orgon Grindor swears at Monkey in Italian, then says "If you want something done right, you have to do it myself" and takes Monkey with him and they sit on the Orgon Grindor's "Money Machine" as it blasts off like a rocket towards Fort Knox. When they got there, the Orgon Grindor orders Monkey to bring all the gold in Fort Knox to him, and if anyone gets in his way, he has to break their faces. Monkey storms into Knox and started beating up all the guards until they were all knocked out. He breaks into a vault and orders him to steal all the gold. Agent Honeydew arrives and tries to stop him after destroying his organ with her laser, but the Orgon Grindor manages to defeat her with a slap across the face and tries to crush her with a stack of gold bars. upon seeing this Monkey snaps out of his hypnosis and melts the gold bars with his eye beams, melting it and encasing Orgon Grindor in gold. His fate was unknown.


He has a strong Italian accent, and has a great love for singing as he sings almost every word he says. He is quite greedy and ruthless and will stop at nothing to get rich.