Foolish puppets! Do you not see that your lives are yours to do with as you see fit? That you need not throw them away for the sake of a god who no longer lives to witness your foolish sacrifice? Perhaps you will finally understand the value of the gift of life... when I take it from you!
~ Orgodemir, after the heroes decide to confront him

Orgodemir is the main antagonist of Dragon Quest VII for Playstation and its 3DS remake. The Demon King, he's the one who sealed all lands from existence, except for the only landmass in the world, Estard.

He is fought twice and has many forms; in the final battle he goes through four of them. The blue dragon-like one is its true form and the one that he's most associated with, but since he's always caring about beauty he tends to go around disguising as a dashing dandy.


Other appearances

  • Orgodemir appears as a legacy boss in Dragon Quest IX and you can battle it if you obtain its map.
  • He can be obtained in Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 if you synthesize Mortamor and an Alabast Dragon.
  • He's one of Nokturnus' finest warriors in Dragon Quest Battle Road Victory and the last opponent in the Dragon Quest VII story arc.



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