Your problems are over!
~ Organizações Tabajara's slogan

Organizações Tabajara (Tabajara Organization) is a fictional company from Brazilian comedy show Casseta & Planeta Urgente. Described as a monopolistic conglomerate, Organizações Tabajara is a company which creates all sorts of products, which vary from simple daily utilities to utterly absurd products and gadgets, many of which are hazardous or harmful to either it's user or people around him, or can be used to commit crimes.

The Organizações Tabajara owns various companies, which allows it control over various lines of consumer needs, and is also the owner of it's own football club. It is said Organizações Tabajara profits over 30 bazillion dollars per week. One of it's greatest achievements was the purchase of the country of Argentina, which it turned into a private parking lot.

The Organizações Tabajara is in many ways an amalgamation of both ACME and OCP.

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Organizações Tabajara (Tema)