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Oren Goodchild is the main antagonist in the 2005 film Æon Flux.


Early life

In 2011, Oren was one of the scientists who tried to create an antidote to the deadly pathogenic virus which killed 99% of the Earth's population, along with his brother Trevor. They managed to create one, but it made humans infertile, so they decided to secretly use cloning until they find a remedy to the infertility. Oren ordered to the Keeper of DNA to incinerate the corpse of Trevor's wife Katherine since he didn't want that she could influence Trevor in any way, but he disobeyed.

Later, Trevor and Oren make build a walled city-state named Bregna where all the survivors could live and Trevor became its chairman. During 400 years, whenever someone died they recycled his DNA to make him reborn as a new individual. They also cloned themselves every generations in order to be able to continue to search a remedy to the infertility.

Current Life

After discovering that nature has corrected the infertility problem and that some women become pregnant, Oren makes them all killed since he still wants to use cloning in order to remain immortal. One of the women killed is Una Flux, the sister of Katherine's clone Æon Flux.

Much later, he makes an alliance with an underground rebel organization named the Monicans in order to kill Trevor and take his place. The Monicans send Æon on the mission, but when she meets Trevor they both recover partial memories of their previous live, so she doesn't kill him. However, Trevor is accused of complicity with the Monicans so Oren displaces him and orders to kill him, but he manages to flee with Æon.

Finally, Oren manages to locate them and comes with soldiers to confront them, but before killing Trevor he reveals his plans. Æon takes the opportunity to contact other Monicans which help her to kill all the soldiers. Oren fights against his brother, but he is killed by Æon.


  • In the TV animated series that has inspired the film, Oren Goodchild didn't appeared.