The Order of Zugzwang (光の教団, Cult of Light) is the name of a religious cult in the Super Famicom vdeogame Dragon Quest V and its remakes, a cult that promises to return peace to the world, but is really ran by monsters, kidnappers and slavedrivers. They have their base at the summit of Mt. Azimuth, at Crocodilopolis.


Over the course of the game, Cocodrilopolis goes from being a work-in-progress to be a well-polished shrine where people are tricked into joining and are then brainwashed to be cultists and follow the orders of the mysterious female leader. The most high-ranked members kidnap small children to carry out the order's hard labour and the majority are disposed off when they are done, the ones whose lives are spared are brainwashed into becoming followers of the order and listen to the speeches of the priestess, Mada. If they are lucky they are hypnotized to worship the White King, the ruler of the order and an important piece in Nimzo's game.