The Order of No Quarter is a group of 8 knights who serve the Enchantress and the secondary antagonists of the 2014 platform video game Shovel Knight.

They were sent by the Enchantress to take over the land and each one occupies a specific location.

After they are all defeated, they regroup on the second level of the Tower of Fate, where they are all fought one after another in a boss rush.


  • King Knight: A royalty themed knight. He resides in Pridemoor Keep.
  • Specter Knight: A grim-reaper knight, who hides beneath a ragged cloak and uses a scythe. He resides in the Lich Yard.
  • Plague Knight: A wizard-like knight who carries chemicals with him. He resides in the Explodatorium.
  • Treasure Knight: A knight clad in heavy diving gear who uses an anchor. He resides in the Iron Whale.
  • Mole Knight: A knight in heatproof armor with large claws for digging. He resides in the Lost City.
  • Tinker Knight: A knight in forging suit. He pilots a huge tank with drills. He resides in the Clockwork Tower.
  • Polar Knight: A viking-looking knight with a huge shovel for removing snow. He resides in the Stranded Ship.
  • Propeller Knight: A rapier-wielding knight with a big propeller on his back. He resides in the Flying Machine.


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