The Orangguerras

The Orangguerras

The Orangguerras are giant orangutan-like demons that served as enemies in Devil May Cry 2. They appeared to be a larger version of the Msira demons, and are hostile monsters with such prodigious strength and agility.

These beasts along with the Msiras are used by corrupt businessman Arius as part of his evil corporation's private army of enforcers.


The Orangguerras are giant ape-like monsters with the physical appearance and manners of orangutans.

Devil May Cry 2

One of the Orangguerras appeared at a train station within the modern-day city-like village of the Vie de Marli Clan on Dumary Island as it killed and eating its Msira 'cousins' before start attacking Dante. Dante beaten the creature and won.

Later, he and Lucia seperately encountered and defeated more of the Oranggueras appearing in Uroboros City, home of the Uroboros Corporation.



  • The word guerra is a Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese term meaning war. The Oranguerra term could mean "war monkey" or "war orangutan" indicates the Orranguerras as somewhat a secret army of foot soldiers for Arius and his industrial empire Uroboros.

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