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The Orange-Brown Sharptooth is the secondary main antagonist in The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration.

He himself appeared behind the rock and chases Littlefoot, Shorty, and Petrie until the other three appeared. While he hunts them down, he was knocked off by Pat and hits a tree, causing it to fall on him got this canivore completely trapped (like an old indian trick by using a bear trap). He got out complelety but knocked out again and got up a goes after him totally got Pat cornered by his burnt leg. He slipped off a rock by Shorty giving Littlefoot and the others an idea to roll more rocks at him and save Pat but didn't work. Bron came to the rescue since he heard a cry for help and made a smooth move to slide down and whip his tail by the leg to make him trip. This carnivore bite Bron's leg and got caught up by Pat's tail and Bron kicked his face and rolled downhill. He is not finished yet and calls in two other carnivores to join the brawl. He was completely knocked off by the grey one when Cera and Shorty made him trip.

He was scared off by the eclipse and runs away with the other carnivores and his whereabouts with the Sharpteeth were remained unknown.


  • A sharptooth that appears during the beginning of The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends has a slight resemblance to the Orange-Brown Sharptooth.
  • Although the secondary antagonist, he only had one scene along with the Metallic Khaki Sharptooth.