'Til all are gone!
~ Optimus Prime (SG)

Optimus Prime is the tyrannical leader of the Autobots and the main antagonist of the Shattered Glass Universe within the Transformers Multiverse.


Originally known as Optronix, Optimus Prime was obsessed with obtaining knowledge. Unsatisfied with his low position in society, he gained power through treachery and the ideology of conquest. Those who agreed with Optronix joined forces with him and severed ties with the old government of Cybertron to become autonomous-as a result, they took the name Autobots. Optronix was the first to begin upgrading himself to become more powerful, keeping the most powerful features for himself as he passed the knowledge on to his minions. Eventually, the group declared war on the rest of Cybertron, destroying any who refused to submit to their goals. During this period, Optimus Prime received a startling revelation that permanently damaged his sanity. He also banished the Old One, an aged Transformer had once served him as an advisor but whom he came to hold in contempt. Fortunately for Cybertron, a group of resistance fighters emerged to challenge Prime's reign: the Decepticons, a group of Transformers named for their ability to transform into vehicle modes and thus hide in plain sight. Their leader, the noble Megatron became Optimus' nemesis, particularly after Optimus managed to acquire transformation technology for his Autobots.

The campaign against the Decepticons was rudely intruded upon by Cliffjumper, an Autobot from another dimension. Optimus met this interloper when he was brought to him by Rodimus, his second-in-command, and believed him to be the Cliffjumper of his own universe. Optimus, suspicious of the bot he believed to be his old comrade, led Cliffjumper to the execution of Rumble, and shot Cliffjumper when the Autobot objected. Dumping him in the Rad Zone as a test of loyalty, Optimus focused his attention on preparations for his new battleship, the Ark. Despite reports from Blurr on the weakness of the launch platform, Optimus was unconcerned and even looked forward to a Decepticon attack. His plans to travel to other worlds and plunder them for energy reached a concerned Megatron, who soon led an attack on the launching platform. Facing off with his nemesis, Optimus saw Cliffjumper among the Decepticons and attacked him as a traitor, only to be thwarted. Cliffjumper then destroyed the platform, crippling the Ark and enraging Optimus, who watched impotently as his enemies escaped.