Opposite Armor

The Opposite Armor is a minor antagonist in the video game, Kingdom Hearts. It is an Emblem Heartless that appeared in Traverse Town.


After Sora successfully sealed the Keyhole in Deep Jungle, Sora and his friends decided to returns to Traverse Town. Sora decided to test the legend about the Second District bell by ringing it three times, revealing the world's Keyhole within the district's fountain. However, as the group was about to seal the keyhole, a Guard Armor appears out of nowhere and attacks them. Though the trio managed to defeat Heartless, the Guard Armor resurrected itself, and processed to transforms itself into the stronger version of itself; the Opposite Armor. After completing it's transformation The Opposite Armor processed to attack them. Despite its extra strength, the Opposite Armor was still defeated by Sora and his friends. After it was destroyed, they are able to seal Traverse Town's Keyhole.

A second Opposite Armor later appears while Sora and his friends were attending the Hades Cup.