OpAphid is the codename of one of the anonymous antagonists belonging to "The Order" (a sect of sacrificial and occult religious-extremists) in the webseries LonelyGirl15.

Little is revealed about the scheming villainess and her relation to the in-series Operation APHID remains somewhat unclear, though it appears she was once in charge of said operation.

She (or possibly "it") is somewhat infamously known for the use of forceful tactics, druggings, deception and cryptic messaging to gain followers and agents in The Order's struggle against series protagonist (and titular character) Bree Avery.

At some point The Order turned against the mysterious OpAphid, seemingly attempting to assassinate her. At first it appeared they had succeeded only for OpAphid to resurface some time later threatening to destroy The Order, quoting from Mark Twain: "the rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated".


The OpAphid logo.

It has been speculated by fans that OpAphid may not have even been human but rather the product of some artifical intelligence or, less likely, a supernatural creature of some description, the creators of the franchise have neither confirmed nor dismissed this theory.

More than anything OpAphid was known for her riddles, the use of hidden messages in videos, the use of occult/esoteric symbolism and hidden codes (some of which remain undeciphered to this day).


Throughout the series OpAphid was known to rely on several mildly disturbing stock catch phrases, repeated frequently in multiple videos. These include:

"Be well, for your own sake."

"A story is told as much by silence as by speech."

"Heed this warning."

"And as such, you shall face our wrath."

"Listen to your enemies, for God is talking."

and most famously: "Oh dear."


  • She was portrayed by Mari Devincenzi.

Videos Featuring OpAphid

Gemma Part IV01:02

Gemma Part IV

The video exposing the traitor "Gemma" contains many quotes as well as footage of OpAphid from 0:20

Gemma [Part IV] was one of the final videos in the LonelyGirl15 series dedicated to exposing Bree's supposed friend "Gemma" as a traitor and a member of The Order, possibly serving under OpAphid. The video was posted by Resistance operative: "Tachyon" and features many quotes from OpAphid from 0:20 onwards, starting, of course, with her most famous quote: "Oh dear."

The Ends Justify The Means01:28

The Ends Justify The Means

Daniel discovers a camera hidden in his room.

In The Ends Justifies the Means Bree's best friend "Daniel" discovers a camera planted in his room by the Operation APHID division of The Order. OpAphid makes an appearance from 0:52, using, as usual, many of her infamous quotes, most probably to indicate that despite being exposed The Order was still in control and by no means backing down.


The "APHID" in Operation APHID is thought to either stand for:

  • "Acknowledge their Position and Help Initiate a Dialogue" - as suggested by Gemma.
  • or more likely: "Analyze Protect Hinder Infiltrate Destroy".