So Zordon's still using a bunch of kids to do his dirty work. Well, meet my kids!
~ Ivan Ooze unleasing the Oozemen against the Power Rangers.

The Oozemen are minions of Ivan Ooze and minor villains in the Power Rangers Movie. Ooze summons them via his evil substance to fight the Rangers at the site where he is released from his egg. They are never actually given a proper name in the film, though Ooze refers to them as his "kids" right before he spawns them. Despite their great fighting abilities they are all destroyed by the Rangers who then were too late head out for Ivan after his successful attack on the Command Center and against Zordon which causes the young heroes to lose their powers.


In appearance, Oozemen have striking resemblance with their master and creator except that they possesses exoskeleton all over their body (except for the head) and less intelligent than the latter. Their bodies are made of oozes that they bleeds everytime they were injured, and also reduced into oozes. It should be noted that they also stronger than putty patrollers. Thanks to their dark colors, they can easily blend into darkness and capable to ambush unsuspecting foes.

Much like various standard foot-soldiers whom worked for various antagonists in Power Rangers franchise, Oozemen are loyal to their master and willing to do their said master's bidding, even if it includes fighting to death.



  • The Ooze Men

    The Ooze Men

    Despite never being given an actual name in the film (other than Ivan referring to them as his "kids"), the creatures are called Oozemen (also sometimes spelled "Ooze Men") in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie videogame adaption on the Sega Genesis and Game Gear consoles.
  • They were all voiced by an uncredited Neil Kaplan.