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The One Earth Regime is a worldwide organization led by the corrupt Superman and the primary antagonistic faction in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

After the death of Lois Lane, Superman believed the world was never safe from criminals and villains like Joker, so he created a new government in the form of a dictatorship after murdering Joker while he was being interrogated by Batman. Several superheroes joined it. After the majority of the superheroes joined, Superman captured Doomsday and kept him as a last resort weapon. 

Superman and his government soon forced many superheroes to join as well as executed almost all villains on the planet and heroes who didn't believe in his cause. Batman's Insurgency and the Joker Clan was the only resistance left.

Notable Members




  • Regime Soldiers (captured)
  • Atlantean Soldiers (captured)
  • Amazon Soldiers (defected)


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