One-Eyed Willie

One-eyed Willy is the pirate whose "rich stuff" the kids set out to find in The Goonies. He has tons of treasures on his ship he and his crew stolen. The British caught up with Willy and his crew and started a giant war between them. Willy fled away, because he couldn't take any more fighting. He got in a giant cave. The build up the around Willy, his entire ship, and his crew and they have been there ever since 1632. He set up booby traps all over the cave and the tunnels that leads to his trapped ship so nobody gets to his treasure. He killed all of his crew, because he doesn't want anyone get to his treasure. He made a map to lead his ship full of treasures. he made an ancient organ out of skeletons and bones and put booby traps on it, too. It is unknown how the story of him or his map got out of his site. He's been in the cave so long he slowly died.