~ King Mighty One-Eye ordering the One-Eyes to commence their attack on the Golden City.

The One-Eyes are supporting antagonists of the 1993 animated fantasy film The Thief and the Cobbler. They are a demonic army of one-eyed warmongering barbarians led by King Mighty One-Eye, determined to take over all parts of the world on behalf of their king.


The One-Eyes are demonic in appearance, and possess sickly yellow teeth, red eyes, purple skin, and black and red armor. Their right eyes are always closed, leaving their left eyes open (hence their race's name). Another of the One-Eyes' noticeable traits are their large mouths, which have many rows of sharp radular teeth.

Role in the film

The army of One-Eyes followed King Mighty One-Eye. They conquered every tribe and few other kingdoms in the East. Their final target of conquest was the Golden City, which was protected by three magical golden balls. Eventually, the treacherous Grand Vizier Zigzag stole the balls after a failed attempt to convince King Nod to let him marry his daughter Princess Yum-Yum. Upset and humiliated over King Nod's refusal, Zigzag and his pet vulture Phido head over to the One-Eyes' camp, where Zigzag offers an alliance to King Mighty One-Eye to take over the Golden City by force in exchange for the princess' hand-in-marriage.

With the golden balls under his grasp, King Mighty One-Eye orders his men to ride their war machine to attack the Golden City, even ordering Zigzag to ride at the front in case of any attacks. However, the One-Eyes were defeated by Tack, who used a single tack to create a chain reaction that destroyed the entire war machine, killing many of the One-Eyes. As Tack manages to defeat Zigzag in combat, several Brigands (who were befriended by Tack and Yum-Yum) manage to finish off several One-Eye soldiers to their deaths. Following the deaths of Mighty One-Eye and Zigzag, the war machine perished, killing the remaining One-Eyes and leaving the Golden City free from oppression.