One-Eyes, attack!!
~ King Mighty One-Eye commanding the One-Eyes.

The One-Eyes are a demonic race of one-eyed warmongering barbarians led by King Mighty One-Eye, and the supporting antagonists in the 1993 animated fantasy film, The Thief and the Cobbler. Their army consist of about 576 barbarians.

The army of One-Eyes followed King Mighty One-Eye. They conquered every tribe and few other kingdoms in the East. Their final target of conquest was the Golden City of Baghdad.

However, when they tried to conquer the city with a huge machine they built, they were stopped and defeated by Tack and his friends while their king was killed, and his newly-appointed royal adviser named Zigzag, who had stolen the city's revered treasure known as the Golden Balls, was eaten alive by King One-Eye's crocodiles and his pet vulture named Phido.


The One-Eyes are demonic in appearance, and possess sickly yellow teeth, red eyes, purple skin, and black and red armor. Their right eyes are always closed, leaving their left eyes open (hence their race's name). Another of the One-Eyes' noticeable traits are their large mouths, which have many rows of sharp radular teeth.



  • They are very similar to the Cavemen from the 2008 animated film, Turok: Son of Stone.
    • They are also a race of barbarians led by their kings.