What did Carroll said? Believe in impossible things? I've done six impossible things already. Achieving the seventh is my goal.
~ One to Ina
One is the leader of The Rippers and the main antagonist in the webcomic Namesake. He was presumably the first namesake to desert it all: Calliope, the tale he was put in charge of, and his name. One has pale skin, blonde hair and wears a suit.

The protagonist, Emma Crewe, has already caught his eye as a notable threat. Once he met her, he told her to address him by "Uncle Henry", an uncommon practice amongst Rippers, as they are forbidden to be addressed by name.

It is later revealed that Emma is but a ghost, born from the taken name of she who once was the real Emma Crewe, and is now under his control, forever sleeping without any dreams or illusions.


So far he seems fairly tolerant and gives his fellow rippers whatever they need to achieve their goals (Like a mysterious blue serum that apparently "boosts" the ripper known as Nose), however he also seems the most nonchalant of the group and does not care if innocent people are killed if they get in the way of his organization.