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is a villain that was created by two Buglars when they accidentally infect mochi with the Tsuku Metavirus. Its orders are not clear, as it was not created with any purpose, but it attacks the Go-Busters with mochi.

Being too small to fight the Go-Busters, latching onto Hiromu until he arrived to a restaurant, Omochiloid focuses on getting his way to a stove to enlarge himself to human size. However, knocked on his back and unable to get up, Omochiloid is easily destroyed by Red Buster Powered Custom.


  • Identification Number: Z-02
  • Install Metavirus: TSUKU
  • Production Motif: Mochi
  • Height: 8 cm (bloats: 170 cm)
  • Weight: 55g (bloats: 90 kg)

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