The Omnipotent God, also referred to as the Black Sun God, is the true leader of Machine Empire Black Magma and Führer Hell Saturn's ultimate master. He communicated with Hell Saturn through an idol for most of the series though was later revealed to be just a very powerful living brain. He is the main antagonist of Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan.


The Omnipotent God is hinted to have been connected to the ancient Incan and Mayan Civilizations in the past. In the present day, the Omnipotent God is the symbol of worship for Black Magma's religion. Unbeknownst to most, the Omnipotent God is actually a mechanized brain existing within a hidden chamber in Black Magma's north pole base and secretly commands the organization through its minion, Fuhrer Hell Saturn.

However, Hell Saturn was later killed in a duel with Inazuma Ginga, allowing Queen Hedrian to take control of Black Magma. To reassert his influence, the Omnipotent God revived Hell Saturn as a phantom and placed a curse on Queen Hedrian's mechanical heart to cause it to rust. In order to appease the Omnipotent God, Hedrian kidnapped the daughter of Guardians of World Peace leader Daizaburou Arashiyama, Misa Arashiyama, so she could sacrifice her to the god. Before she could go through with the sacrifice however, her heart shut down due to the rust and she died.

With Queen Hedrian knocked off, Amazon Killer was next in line to become ruler of the Machine Empire. In order to fully take control of the organization, Amazon Killer began searching for the Omnipotent God so she could destroy it, but she was stopped by Hell Saturn. The Omnipotent God later made her fight Sun Vulcan when they showed up at Black Magma's base to rescue Misa. After Amazon Killer was defeated, she gave away the Omnipotent God's location before dying. Before they can proceed, the Omnipotent God summons a giant robot, King Magmar, and has the Zero Girls pilot it against Sun Vulcan Robo. Despite initially having an advantage due a Solar Eclipse depleting Sun Vulcan Robo's source of energy, the robot's armor holds long enough for Sun Vulcan Robo to absorb energy from an aurora, allowing it to overpower and destroy King Magmar.

Commander Arashiyama and Sun Vulcan then made their way to the chamber where the Omnipotent God resided, alongside the resurrected spirits of Black Magma's past three leaders, Fuhrer Hell Saturn, Queen Hedrian and Amazon Killer, as well as a robotic clone of Misa. The Omnipotent God tells Arashiyama and Sun Vulcan to bow down or else they kill Misa. However, hearing the robotic Misa tell him to surrender causes Arashiyama to realize its a fake. In a sneak attack, Arashiyama uses VulEagle's Vulcan Stick to destroy the Omnipotent God's jar, killing the Black Sun God and causing the spirits of Hell Saturn, Queen Hedrian and Amazon Killer to disappear.



  • A later Power Rangers villain, Omni, may have been based off of him, as both stay behind the scenes for most of the series and both are living brains.