Edwin Alva Jr. is the son of Edwin Alva in the Static Shock series.  


He took up the nickname Omnifarious to get his father's attention. For most of his life, Edwin Alva Jr. was look down by his father who prefered a statue over his son. Their relationship became even more strained when Edwin Alva Jr. accidently revealed his father's involvement in the Big Bang on the air. 

Edwin broke into his father's lab and stole large amounts of the Quantum Vapor gas. Using the gas, he implanted bubble containers on his belt which will grant him temporary superpowers when they are open. Static arrived and fought Edwin Junior. Edwin learned Static's identity by using x-ray vision. 

Static informed Edwin Alva of his son's actions and role. Omnifarious turned into stone after overdosing the gas during his fight with Static. Edwin Alva blamed Static for this and kidnapped Bang Babies to cure his son's condition. With the help of Static and Hotstreak,  they found a cure for Omnifarious and Edwin Alva vowed to be a better father.