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Bow before the herald of Gargos!
~ Omen

Omen is a demon and one of the main antagonists of Killer Instincs 2013. The herald of Gargos and the dark spirit who possessed the ninja warrior Jago and turned him into Shadow Jago, his main objective is to prepare the world for his master's return.

His initial objective was to corrupt the soul of Jago and transform him into a mindless servant of Gargos. However, he failed and retreated but he later returned, manifesting a psychical form in order to eliminate anyone on his path and make sure that his master returns with no one present to oppose him.


His design is simple and similar to Cinder from the original Killer Instinct but with blue and black colors, wearing a japanese oni mask and manifesting wings similar to those of Gargos when using his signature Demonic Despair attack.


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