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Omegeton is a villain in Tornado Outbreak he tricks the Wind Warriors to retrive his orbs to make him powerful.


in the beginning Zephyr meets this villain with Nimbus from

Space the antimat being is a hero on space. But a villlain on Earth . Omegaton first lies in Space as A body floating in Space he asked for 7 power orbs and in returned he gave the wind warriors a Llight Weight Object Amanolg Device or Load Starr to protect the Wind Warriors from Burning up in the sun.

Defeat *Spoilers*

when the player at Coastal Calamity The player sees the hand of Omegaton Roaring and Destroying Totems. Nimbus shocked asks Zephyr what to do it is up to Zephyr to stop Omegaton and Free the Fire Flyers once he is defeated he explodes and is sent back to space.


•Omegaton has a total of 8 orbs but 7 is found