Omega Tiger Woods

Omega Tiger Woods is a infamous character creation for the M.U.G.E.N. fighting game engine deliberately designed to be an unfair boss battle and is a "troll humor" antagonist based on a surreal caricature of the real-life Tiger Woods. The character was created by Most Mysterious and later updated by The_None.

Omega Tiger Woods is comprised of a tiny body drawn on MSPaint and a gigantic head cut off from a photoshopped picture of Tiger Woods where his grin is distorted to resemble the Nike logo. Like most original M.U.G.E.N. creations he lacks much of a true backstory since he exists primarily to annoy and/or destroy any that have the misfortune of facing him in battle but he shares qualities of beings such as Trollface. The character's Readme only mentions that he is one of the many weapons created by Rox Howard (basically Most Mysterious's self-insert, who will appear in many intros against specific characters).

Omega Tiger Woods's moves consist of warping his arm to attack, dropping on his own head to cause an earthquake, calling explosive golf tees and a mechanical crane. His hyper moves are to call a salvo of explosives and a large bus to trample the opponent. His moves a highly damaging, most of them will knock the opponent, most cannot be interrupted and some are unblockable. His only true disadvantages are his size, which makes him an easy target, and the fact that he cannot block.