A hero? I should have been a GOD!
~ Omega in his first appearance.
No Time Lord I was not destroyed. As you can see.
~ Omega's introduction.

Omega was a villain in the Doctor Who series and the compatriot of Rassilon.

He was responsible for giving the Time Lords the ability to time travel.


Early Life to Death

Omega was a leading figure in Time Lord history.  He was the Time Lord who gave his people the ability to travel in time. Using a remote stellar manipulator, The hand of Omega, he blew up a star. This energy source gave the Time Lords the power to master time travel. Legend says that Omega was lost in the explosion, but in fact he was sucked into a resulting black hole, where he continued to exist in an antimatter world he controlled using the forces contained in the black hole. There are rumours that Rassilon was responsible for the loss of Omega. He was unable to escape as his will held this world together. He felt that he'd been abandoned by the Tme Lords and eventually sought revenge by draining all their Power.

The Three Doctors

With their power over time being drained away through a mysterious black hole, the Time Lords send the first two incarnations of the Doctor to help the third investigate. The first Doctor is trapped in a "Time Eddy", able only to advise, but the Second and third doctors travel through the black hole and battle renegade Time Lord, Omega in a world of anti matter. Omega wants the Doctor to take his place so he can escape from his world. But the Doctors discover that only Omega's will lives on and he cannot leave. Using the Second Doctor's recorder, which has not been conerted to antimatter, the Doctors destroy Omega and his world-granting him the only freedom he could ever have.

Arc of Infinity

Omega has somehow managed to survive. In further attempt to escape, Omega plans to "bond" with a Time Lord and assume his form in the real universe. To achieve this, he needs the bio-data of a specific Time Lord - the Doctor. To prevent Omega's escape, the Time Lords try to execute the Fifth Doctor, but he escapes and unmasks the traitor in the high council of Time Lords who has been helping Omega. The Doctor travels to Amsterdam. where he confronts Omega - who is now in the Doctor's form. But the transition is unstable, and Omega's body is deteriorating. Despite feeling sympathy for his old adversary's predicament, the Doctor and his friends are able to finally defeat Omega.