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Omar is the main villain of the 1985 movie sequel The Jewel Of The Nile.

He was played by Spiros Focas.

An Arab ruler, who meets Wilder at a book signing engagement and says that he's the tough but fair ruler of Kadir. He offers to treat her like a queen at his palace, while she writes a book about him. Jack realizes there's something not right about Omar when an arab, Tarak, tells Jack, adventurer and hero, and Ralph, criminal and redeemed villain, who Omar really is and that he has their greatest treasure, The Jewel Of The Nile, in his possession. Then when Jack's and Joan's ship explodes because of Omar, he decides to team up with Tarak and Ralph and go find the jewel in Omar's kingdom.

Wilder discovers the truth about Omar, that he's in fact ruthless and will keep her captive in his castle until she finishes her book to show the world he's a benevolent ruler, who will unite the arab world. Joan and Al-Julhara, the jewel of the nile and hero, escape and team up with Jack and are able to flee Omar's army. He later captures Jack, Joan, and Al-Julhara and sets up a horrible trap for them but thanks to Ralph they escape. Omar plans to use a british rock and roll technician's smoke and mirrors special effects at an upcoming festival to convince the Arab world that he is a prophet, who will unite the arab world under his rule. 

When Omar goes on a platform apparatus, on the stage, to address the arab people, Joan and Jack ruin Omar's evil plan by crashing Omar's platform apparatus into the stage and a huge fire breaks out while Tarak and the Sufi fight Omar's goons below. Jack and Joan get separated and then Wilder gets cornered on top of the scaffolding surronding the stage by Omar, who is about to kill her. But Jack with the help of Ralph rides a crane to the top of the scaffolding and knocks Omar over the side causing Omar to fall into the flames below and he is killed.