Omar was a minor villain in in the Disney film The Cat from Outer Space.


Omar was a large man with a shaved head who served as one of Charles Olympus' henchmen. He often served him tea, and when they were outside the lair, he served as Olympus' personal chauffeur, driving his Cadillac limousine and his Gazelle helicopter. He flew the helicopter in the climactic aerial chase sequence wherein the villains, having abducted Frank Wilson's girlfriend Liz, were pursued by Wilson and Jake the alien cat in an antique biplane animated by Jake's magical collar.

Olympus, realizing Wilson wouldn't do anything to endanger Liz, told Omar to become more aggressive, and so Omar turned around and started doing the chasing himself. He attempted to use the Gazelle's runners to force the plane down. When Olympus' other henchman Mr. Smith started shooting at the plane, Mr. Stallwood tried to join in with a flare gun, but accidentally shot the controls. Omar told his boss that now the helicopter would only fly ahead in a straight line, unable to ascend or descend, until its fuel ran out and it crashed.

On the advice of Smith, the villains donned parachutes and bailed out, with Stallwood clinging to Olympus because he didn't have a parachute. They abandoned Liz and her cat Lucy Belle in the pilotless copter, but they were rescued by Wilson and Jake. As for Omar, he and Smith wound up with their parachutes caught in a tree along with Mr. Olympus and Stallwood.